On January 1, 2013—209th anniversary of Haiti’s Declaration of Independence and 54th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution–1804CaribVoices went online. Inspired by the freedom struggles of Caribbean people through the centuries; 1804CaribVoices will aim to give expression to the myriad voices calling for a united and sovereign Caribbean with social justice, responsible governance and sustainable living. It invites participation from across the Pan-Caribbean space—the islands and adjacent mainland communities—to disseminate critical analyses and to facilitate collaborative activity among organisations and individuals sharing these objectives. Its aim is to fertilise the further development of a collective Caribbean consciousness; rooted in our rich history of resistance and creativity; transcending regional differences of language, ethnicity and political status; and supporting the emergence of a united community of Caribbean nations charting its way in the world. Visit the new web forum at

1804CaribVoices is a joint initiative of – Caribbean Political Economy – and of the Caribbean Movement for Civic Empowerment, an organisation formed in 2011 by a group of young academics and social activists at the St Augustine (Trinidad) Campus of the University of the West Indies. will now publish the majority of its new blogposts in Caribbean Political Economy at; and will make available to the latter its extensive list of contacts, collaborators and contributors. will continue to operate as the personal blog of the publisher and in order to make accessible to the public its previously accumulated stock of online materials.

I thank readers of for their support and encouragement over the past six years and invite you to support this new initiative by registering for updates and sending us your critical analyses, commentaries and information.


January 2, 2013.