Caribbean Political Economy

The WTO-EPA-CSME Interface, P.J. Patterson

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Text of address by Most Hon. P.J. Patterson,  former Prime Minister of Jamaica, in which he makes some critical observations  about the Economic Partnership Agreement between the Caribbean and the European Union which was signed in 2008.

Text of Patterson address

Doubts Linger About Caribbean-EU Trade Pact, Peter Richards

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PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Oct 1 2012 (IPS) – P.J. Patterson, the former Jamaican prime minister, has had a long relationship with the European Union…

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Haiti: Tapping the Past, Facing the Future, Reginald Dumas

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Keynote address at the 23rd Annual Conference of the Haitian Studies Association, UWI, Mona, Jamaica, Friday, November 11, 2011. Ambassador Reginald Dumas is a distinguished former diplomat of Trinidad and Tobago who served as the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Haiti in 2004.

Let me indicate at the outset what I shall not be talking about this morning…I shall not be talking about Haiti being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. I shall not be talking about what we have come to call “Haiti’s glorious past”. I have the greatest admiration for the exploits and achievements of Boukman and Toussaint and Dessalines and Christophe and others who fought successfully for independence, but we should in my view be focusing less on the past and much more on Haiti’s somewhat less than glorious present, and on the possibilities for its future…

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Comment: A Timely, Critical look at Haiti, Rickey Singh

Was Cariforum wise in rushing into a ‘Full’ EPA? Norman Girvan

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Recent news on the stalemate in the EPA negotiations in Southern Africa raises fresh questions about the wisdom of Cariforum countries in rushing to sign on to a ‘Full’ EPA with Europe in October 2008…


The CIGI-CaPRI Paper on the CARIFORUM EPA: A Comment, Norman Girvan

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The paper finds that the economic effects of the EPA on the countries studied,  ”will likely be minimal, despite the fierce opposition to and criticism of the EPA”. But it fails to address the substantive concerns raised by the critics.

Click here,  ,  for comments by Norman and Havelock Brewster

Download CIGI-CaPRI Paper,  (PDF file)

West Africa’s EPA Development Programme: Lessons for the Caribbean, Norman Girvan

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West African nations have proposed a Development Programme as the framework for their EPA negotiations with Europe. There may be a lesson here for us in the Caribbean…

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Communication on EPAs in Africa, Yash Tandon

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Yash Tandon, one of Africa’s leading political economists, points out that “The primary responsibility for fighting against what is manifestly an asymmetrical, unfair treaty lies with ourselves (from Africa)”.,   He calls on his African colleagues to learn from the Caribbean EPA experience.

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Amazon Massacre & The US-Peru FTA, Raul Zibechi

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On June 5, World Environment Day, Amazon Indians were massacred by the government of Alan Garcia in the latest chapter of a long war to take over common lands-a war unleashed by the signing of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Peru and the United States…

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Victory In The Amazon: Defeating the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Pact Laura Carlsen

Infusing Development into Caricom/Canada/US FTA, CPDC

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It is imperative that the upcoming negotiations between CARICOM/Canada set a platform for the
creation of a true partnership agreement which will be based on development priorities.

Click here for CPDC Advocacy paper

EPA Negotiations ‘should not be rushed’, EU


EPA Negotiations with Central Africa: The state of play, by Claude Maerten and Elisabeth Tison, March 2009

‘The EU has no wish to exercise pressure at the risk of obtaining agreements that might not meet the specific needs of each region…

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Canada-Colombia FTA Could be a Lose-Lose Deal, COHA

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Far from being unanimously supported, the proposed Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement has been strongly criticized by human and labor rights organizations in Canada and Colombia..

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Africans to Europeans: ‘EPAs will make the crisis worse’ – IPS

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At the beginning of March, political and labour union representatives from six African countries on a visit to five European capitals in March 2009 have told their hosts that ‘in Africa, the economic and financial crisis has already turned into a food crisis, and EPAs will make it worse..’


European Parliament approves Cariforum EPA with conditions, Press Release

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The European Parliament’s assent in March 2009 to the CARIFORUM-EU EPA was tied to ‘a real review clause’, extra aid for trade, and contribution to the achievement of the MDGs.

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Caricom-Canada FTA: What’s the hurry? Norman Girvan

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There are several reasons to question the widsom of rushing to conclude an FTA with Canada at this time.

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Caricom-Canada FTA: A Premature Trade Decision Anthony Gomes

South Centre Cautions African Countries Over EPAs

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The way EPA has been conceived is likely to bring more losses than gains for Africa…

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EPA: ‘The Dawn of a New Era’? by Clive Thomas

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Excerpt from a forthcoming book: ” A First Look at the Political Economy of North South Partnership Agreements: The CARIFORUM-EC, EPA.”

A speech proclaiming that the signing of the EPA is ” The Dawn of a New Era’ reveals several of the key flaws in the Agreement..


Right wing Euro MPs accused of ganging up on poorest countries.

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Conservative and Liberal Euro MPs were today accused of ganging up on some of the poorest countries in the world to force through controversial trade deals that would open their economies up to EU exports…

Press Release

European Parliament resolution on development impact of EPAs

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The Resolution of 5 February 2009 states that EPAs should incorporate a 5-year revision clause and stronger monitoring and evaluation provisions.

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On dealing with the European Union Now, Stabroek News


Editorial, January 28, 2009

Controversy continues in the Caribbean and well beyond on the nature of the EPA negotiations ….


Statement to the European Parliament on the EPA, Havelock Brewster

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Statement to the Commitee on International Trade of the European Parliament on the CARIFORUM-EC Economic Partnership Agreement, Brussels, December 4, 2008

A good opportunity to craft a best- practice model of international development cooperation has been missed..

Full Statement

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