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Jan Carew interviewed by Joy Carew

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Jan Carew, Guyanese scholar-activist whose work spanned seven decades, has joined the ancestors at the age of 92.

Read about Jan’s extraordinary life and work

Farewell Angela, from Norman

Words at the celebration of the life of Angela Cropper, UWI, 4 December 2012

It is difficult to speak without repetition at this stage of the proceedings; after so many have spoken so eloquently about Angela; and from the heart.But I would like to say that of all the qualities that we have heard about; the quality that most earned for Angela the love and respect and esteem of her colleagues, her friends, was the quality of integrity…

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A woman of etiquette and distinction Bhoe Tewarie


Passing of Angela Cropper

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Angela was a personal friend and colleague of twenty-five years standing. From her position in the Caricom Secretariat she mobilised continuous support for the Consortium Graduate School of Social Sciences; I in turn admired her sterling work in the environment, governance, and equitable development. I have been honoured to serve on the Board of the Foundation that she founded along with her late husband, John. She confronted the final challenge of her life with grace and courage. “Tell my friends I went down fighting”, were among her last words to me as I visited with her for the last time two months ago. A finer exemplar of the best that the Caribbean has to offer the world, one could hardly find.  

Announcement on the passing of Angela Cropper The Cropper Foundation

From the UNEP Executive Director

IUCN mourns the loss of one of the environment’s brightest lights IUCN

Leave a message, thought or light a candle for Angela by visiting this place

Seven deadly sins of Caribbean culture Angela Cropper


The Continuing Relevance of Dr Eric Williams, Reginald Dumas

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Reggie Dumas shows how in speech after speech, the late Dr Eric Williams returned to the themes of economic and psychological independence and of regional action across the Caribbean space. Fifty years after constitutional independence, his ideals remain relevant. This lecture was delivered at Florida International


Climate Change and the Future of Caribbean Development, Matthew Bishop and Anthony Payne

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This article traces the dramatic impact that climate change presages for Caribbean development and goes on to analyse the region’s responses at the global, regional and national levels. It questions the significance of this for Pan-Caribbean development and proposes a research agenda for the Caribbean centred on the political economy of climate change.

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Walter Rodney Papers Online

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Ten of Walter Rodney’s classic papers on imperialism, class struggle and the way forward for Africa and the Caribbean are now available online.

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Gordon K. Lewis on Race, Class and Ideology in the Caribbean: A personal note and a cautionary tale, Norman Girvan

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The absence of a bibliography and citations of sources has led to at at least one unfortunate error

Click to read,  A Personal Note and a Cautionary Tale

Attachment: Race: Documentation

Meditation for a Forgotten Past: Translating and Remembering Haiti’s Intellectual Legacy, Myriam J. A. Chancy

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Introduction in honor of Haiti and the Trans-Caribbean Literary Identity/Haití­ y la transcaribeñidad literaria by Emilio Jorge Rodriguez (tr. Marí­a Teresa Ortega)] St. Martin Book Fair, June 2, 2012. Dr.Chancy, who was born in Haiti, is Professor of English at the University of Cincinnati

There is a struggle to create a bridge of words that can explain the gulf between the heralded legacies of the Revolution,   — which scholars return to time and again with a fine-tooth comb, often with little interest in the descendants of the Revolution, ideological or living — .and the continued perilous degrading state of the Haitian nation and the vast majority of its inhabitants…


Walter Rodney Lives, Norman Girvan

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Introduction to Panel Discussion on How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, June 13 2012

The first point I want to make is that Walter Rodney was not a racial chauvinist. He did not support racially based politics. In the current racially polarised political climate of certain Caribbean countries, it is important to emphasise this in learning the lessons of Walter’s work…


Shifting the Geography of Reason, Caribbean Philosophical Association

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Racial Capitalism and the Creole Discourses of Native-,Indo-, Afro-, and Euro-Caribbeans.

Under this broad heading, the Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA) will take as the organizing theme of its upcoming Annual Meeting to be held at UWI Trinidad July 19-21 2012, the impact of the global capitalist crisis on old and new thinking in the creole discourses of the region.

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A Caribbean Integration Party and New Federalism, Jon

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Responding to Tennyson Joseph’s paper and comments, this contributor argues that a Caribbean Integration Party should take the form of a social movement. He goes on to outline a radically different structure for a new West Indian federation to make it both representative and effective.


Grantley Adams–A Critical View, David Commisiong

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A re-assessment of the role played by one of the leaders of Barbados’s labour and nationalist movements, who was the first and only Prime Minister of the short-lived West Indies Federation.

This year – 2012 – is the 75th anniversary of the 1937 ‘Peoples Rebellion’ that played such an important role in smashing the old racist colonial system, and ushering in trends that led to the Barbadian society of today…


70th Birthday Tribute To Walter Rodney, Tendai Mwari

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In this tribute published in Black World Events, Tendai Mwari traces the career of Walter Rodney, renowned Guyanese revolutionary and scholar, author of the pathbreaking book How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, who was assassinated in Guyana in June 1980. Walter would have turned 70 on March 23, 2012.

Read Tribute to Walter Rodney

Lloyd Best lectures on Caribbean Civilisation (Video)

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Rare footage of the brilliant Caribbean economist, social theorist and phliosopher, the late Lloyd Best, in a lecture on Caribbean civilisation delivered at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, in 2003 and available on-line from the College’s digital archive.

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Part 2

On the second anniversary of the passing of Professor Rex Nettleford – An Appreciation, AdalBert Tucker

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Unknown to us Rex Nettleford lay dying that sad Washington morning at the same time that cool African afternoon as Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent addressed the summit of The African Union on behalf of the Caribbean in Addis Ababa – surrounded and secured by the mountains fastness of Ethiopia..

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George Lamming: ALBA Awardee for Life’s Work

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George Lamming, recipient of the 2011 ALBA prize of for a lifetime’s work, has said that the award is not only a recognition of his personal work, but also that of generations of intellectuals who have promoted the unity of the Latin American and Caribbean family…

More on Lamming’s response to ALBA award

Dudley Thompson, Quintessential Pan-Africanist, 1917-2012

Dudley Thompson was the quintessential Pan Africanist and a lifetime fighter for reparation for Africans everywhere. He was a member of the Pan African movement from his early days at Oxford where he was a close associate of giants such as Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, George Padmore of Trinidad and Tobago.

Tribute from P.J. Patterson

Tribute from the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce

The Common Sense Convois, Lloyd Best Institute

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The Lloyd Best Institute has announced the ‘Common Sense Convois’ to be held in Trinidad and Tobago March 18-25 2012, ‘a civic intervention designed to influence the shape of the next 50 years of the Caribbean and to network the region in a common conversation about the Caribbean and its future’.

More information

The Word is Love: Michael Manley Documentary Film, Richard Audley Vaughan

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A new documentary on the life of internationally renowned fourth Prime Minister of Jamaica Michael Manley is to to be released online on January 10, 2012; with the official website being launched on Friday December 30, 2011 …

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Also watch Five Michael Manley Videos of the 1970s

And read Michael Manley–A Personal Perspective Norman Girvan

Franz Fanon: My Hope and Hero, Orlando Patterson

This essay first appeared in 1966 in the Guyana Independence Issue of New World Quarterly edited by George Lamming. It is republished here, by kind permission of the author, to mark the 50th anniversary of the passing of Frantz Fanon on December 5, 1961.

Fanon’s The Damned is one of those rare books which stands out not only through the brilliance of its penetrating social and psychological insights, or through the sheer vigour and originality of its style, but derives its greatest importance from the fact of being the key work which embodies the zeitgeist of a revolutionary social movement. ..


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