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“This blog opens a window to the English-speaking world on the debates and changes taking place in Cuba. I’ll be regularly posting original translations of selected documents, commentaries and letters to the editor published in Cuba’s revolutionary press, and inviting readers to comment on them. The other is to provide a space for discussion and debate among supporters, however critical, of the Cuban Revolution to sharpen our understanding and, hopefully, to inspire our ongoing solidarity”.


YESCuba–Website of Jamaican Youth and Elders in Solidarity with Cuba

CubaNews: Daily Postings on Cuban Politics, Society, Economy and International Relations

Cuba L-Direct: Searchable Data Base of Articles on Cuba from University of New Mexico

Jane Franklin’s Website On The History of Cuba-U.S. Relations

Cuba-L Commentary/Comentario (Bilingual) Nelson P Valdés’s blog on contemporary Cuba

Reflections of Fidel


The Legitimacy of Socialism in Cuba Jesíºs Arboleya Cervera, Progreso Weekly

Never had a Day of Peace or Happiness Alberto N James

Extraordinary hypocrisy? Amnesty says EU ‘failing’ over extraordinary renditions Norman Girvan, comment on BBC Report

A Political Prize, Unjustly Awarded Salim Lamrani

Cuba and the Commpn Position of the European Union Salim Lamrani

Cuba and the number of “political prisoners” Salim Lamrani

Posada Carilles Extradition Demanded by Venezuelan Parliament Escambray

Fugitive Terrorist at Large: The Saga of Luis Posada Carilles Jane Franklin

‘The Right to Life and Human Dignity’: Speech by Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, at the High Level Segment of the Thirteenth Session of the Human Rights Council. Geneva, March 3, 2010.

UN General Assembly Report on the US Embargo on Cuba

2009 Report by Cuba to the United Nations on the U.S. Economic, Commercial and Financial Embargo

A Blockade Against Humanity Atilio Boron

Cuba faces Obama Administration contradictions Salim Lamrani

Obama and Cuba: No Change; OAS GA Set to Condemn US Embargo


Cuba: Video Sheds Light on Raíºl Castro’s Strict Approach IPS

Race Matters in Cuba Sandra Alavarez Ramirirez

Cuban Oil: Havana’s Potential Geo-Political Bombshell COHA

OAS Readmission of Cuba: With or Without Conditions? Norman Girvan

The OAS Resolution on Cuba is a political victory for the Cuban Revolution and a declaration of independence by Latin America and the Caribbean

Declaration of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba

Cuba confirms once again that it will not return to the OAS’

Cuba, the US and the OAS John Maxwell

Let us not forget the US attempts to spread democracy in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Nicaragua and Haiti, among others, leaving the landscape littered with the corpses of men, women, children, nuns, priests and journalists.

Africa Discusses Joining ALBA

Ecuador’s Correa promises to,   deepen Citizens Revolution, to join ALBA

The Andean nation will be ALBA’s eighth member


Obama Wrong on Latin America, Wrong on Cuba COHA

Washingtion’s Double Standard on Cuba: Havana as a Dubious Sponsor of State Terrorism COHA

Lies About Cuba: Reporters Without Borders Easily Unveiled Salim Lamrani

U.S. Cuba Policy: A Case of Post Diplomatic Stress Disorder, Robert Sandels and Nelson P Valdes

More Jamaicans get scholarships to study in Cuba

Cuba and Change We Can Believe In Philip Fornaci

Self-defeating spin on the OAS John McAuliff

CUBA: Citizen Action Transforming the Barrio

CUBA: Women Combating Shortage of Decent Housing

COHA Announces Series on US-Cuba Bilateral Relations

The Black Agenda Report: The US, Cuba and Moral Authority

Review of Carlos Moore’s PICHí“N

Fostering U.S.-style Democracy in Cuba

Half a Century of Lies

Port of Spain Declaration or Port of Spain Debacle?

ALBA Declaration on the Vth Summit if the Americas

Fidel Castro: The Unseen Guest at the Vth Summit

Fidel and the Battle of Ideas

The Black Jacobins, Teachers of Revolution

Open Letter to Carlos Moore from Pedro Perez Sarduy

Race in Cuba: A Public Lecture by Carlos Moore

Sustainable Development in Cuba

Homeland of Humanity: Internationalism Within The Cuban Revolution

The Debt To Cuba Is Unpayable


African Stalingrad: THe Battle of Cuito Cuanavale

Cuba, the Caribbean and the ACS

Global Economic Apartheid

‘Ours is an Autonomous Revolution’

Vth Summit of the Americas

Eduardo Galeano

Eduardo Galeano

Count Dracula

Count Dracula

Galeano, Dracula, Chavez, Obama

In his first public comments on Hugo Chavez”s famous gift to Barack Obama, Eduardo Galeano jokes about meeting Count Dracula in Buenos Aires, where he is seeking psychiatric treatment for an inferiority complex.

A Critical Analysis of the Port of Spain Declaration Mervyn Claxton

Evo Morales Interview (English) on Socialism and Bolivia Today

Obama and Latin America: No Light, No Tunnel Robert Sandels

Port of Spain ‘Fiasco’ Rickey Singh

Obama, Manning, Fidel and Raul Castro in the Summit
Port of Spain Declaration or Port of-Spain Debacle? Norman Girvan

The Vth Summit of the Americas has ended without the leaders signing the contentious Declaration. What does it mean?

'Happy reading, Barack' 'Thanks, Hugo'

‘Happy reading, Barack’ ‘Thanks, Hugo’

How Much Longer? Eduardo Galeano

Galeano’s book, ‘The Open Veins of Latin America’ has enjoyed a 466,378-percent increase in popularity on since Hugo Chavez presented Barack Obama with a copy.

Declaration is ‘insufficient and unacceptable’ – ALBA

Six countries, including Dominica, a CARICOM member, condemn the proposed Declaration for omission of reference to Cuba and to the global financial crisis.

St Vincent and the Grenadines becomes seventh ALBA Member

Jagdeo Leads Caricom in Talks With Obama Mark Ramotar

Climate change, global crisis and Cuba top the agenda.