Caribbean Political Economy


A series of articles by Mervyn Claxton exploring the relationship between culture and development, stimulated by the debate over the Economic Partnership Agreement between the Caribbean and Europe. The author is a researcher and consultant in this field During the institutional phase of his professional career he was, successively, a college teacher in West Africa (Ghana,   and Nigeria); a diplomat with the Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Service (postings in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Switzerland, and the USA); and an international civil servant with Unesco. At Unesco he was, in turn, Head of the organization’s anti-apartheid programme; Head of the section for relations with the Caribbean (in addition to doing a 4-year stint as Unesco representative to the region); and Head of the Africa programme within the Secretariat of the United Nations World Decade for Cultural Development (1989-1997), which was hosted by Unesco.His artiicles,   draw on this experience to reflect on the contemporary predicaments of the Global South.

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1. The Cariforum-EC EPA seen in a wider context

2.World Views and Models of Development

3. Towards a South Cosmology and Theory of Society

4. Cultural Traditions as a Development Resource

5. Governance and Culture

6. Culture, Food and Identity

7. Culture, Health and Empire

8. Culture, Trade and Globalization

9. Culture, Technology and Development, Part 1

10. Culture, Technology and Development, Part 2

11. Culture, Law and Justice

12. North-South Narratives of Superiority/Inferiority, Part 1

13. North-South Narratives of Superiority/Inferiority, Part 2

14. North-South Narratives of Superiority and Infertiority, Part 3

15. Women, Culture and Society, Part 1

16. Women, Culture and Society, Part II