I watched Bruce Paddington’s film last night. It is an excellent film; as far as it goes. After thinking about it all night, I wonder if it goes far enough.


Since this review appeared I have been engaged In several email conversations with people who have their own personal Grenada story to tell. Those who saw Paddington’s film all agree with me that there is much more that needs to be uncovered about the events leading up to October 19, 1983 as well as the events on that fateful day itself. Most of those who have not yet seen the film are looking forward to seeing it. Much additional imformation has been provided. Were I to write my review today, it might be more nuanced; but the conclusions would likely be the same. The full story has yet to be told. Until then, there will be real reckoning, no full accounting, no real lessons learned, and no true resolution.
October 13, 2013