Cuba’s proposed economic reforms have attracted much attention, the focus falling on plans to redeploy up to one million employees from the state sector to self-employment and small business. The comments mostly reflect a particular ideological perspective; or interpret the reforms through the lens of neoliberal adjustment programmes of the kind familiar to us in the Caricom Caribbean. The proposals, which are contained in 291 points in the Draft Economic and Social Policy Guidelines published in November, need to be considered in their totality; and set in context…

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Also published in Stabroek News 20/12/10


DRAFT Economic and Social Policy Guidelines for the Party and the Revolution (ENGLISH) PDF Format

DRAFT Economic and Social Policy Guidelines for the Party and the Revolution (ENGLISH) HTML Format

Raul Castro’s Speech at Closing Session of the Cuban National Assembly December 18, 2010 (English, illustrated, PDF Format)

‘We are producing a Bonsai in this small island’ An interview with Professor Hugo Pons, head of the Economics Department at the University of Havana

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