Caribbean Political Economy



Sustainable Development as an Answer to Economic and Financial Crises Yimlaz Akyuz

Global Crisis Norman Girvan

Global Crisis; Clive Thomas

Implications of the global economic crisis for Caribbean integration , Diedron Lewis, Samantha C. Joseph,,   and Khellon Q. Roach

An animated guide to the Global Crisis David Harvey (Video, useful for students)

Globalization and Crisis A Special Issue of the Journal Globalizations, Vol. 6, Issue 1-2, April 2010

Monitoring International Crisis Articles on the multidimensional aspects of the global crisis of capitalist civilization

Project Syndicate: A World of Ideas

Resources on the Global Financial Crisis Carnegie Council

Report of the Commission of Experts of the President of the United Nations General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System (Stiglitz Report) September 21, 2009

Global Crisis Blogs

Dani Rodrik’s blog

The Ideological Crisis of Western Capitalism Joseph E. Stiglitz

This time it really is different:,  Europe, the Financial Crisis, and ‘Staying on Top’ in the 21st Century” Mark Blyth, Professor of International Political Economy, Brown University

Why the IMF and the International Monetary System Need More Than Just Cosmetic Reform South Centre

Rebalancing the Global Economy Xiaojing Zhang

Frank Rich, Barack Obama and the Corporate ‘Punking’ of America Paul Street

The Quiet Coup Simon Johnson

The Sudden Demise of Neo-Liberal Economics Robert Savio

The Ending of America’s Financial-Military Empire Michael Hudson

Global Power Revisited: The United States in a Changing World Order Foresight

The crisis is one of a model of civilization – Atilio Boron

The IMF Rules the World Michael Hudson

ILO Tripartite Caribbean Conference Action Plan for addressing social and labour consequences of crisis

How Free Trade Agreements, Bilateral Investment Treaties and the WTO can hamper measures for recovery from the global financrisis Third World Network

IMF Crisis Loans: No Change in Conditionalities, Third World Network

Reflections of Fidel Castro on the XI International Conference on Globalization and Problems of Development held in Havana Cuba, 2-6 March 2009

Declaration of the XI International Conference on Globalization on the Global Financial Crisis

Versión en español Version franí§aise

‘The Fed Screwed Up’: Presentation by Robert Mundell, Nobel Laureate, at the XI International Conference on Globalization and Problems of Development held in Havana, Cuba, 2-6 March 2009

The Caribbean, the Developing World and the Global Crisis Don Robotham

Afra Raymond’s Blog on the CL Financial/CLICO Debacle

Clico’s Massive OECS Financial Deficit BBC Caribbean

Lessons of the CLICO debacle Norman Girvan

Jamaica, the Third World and the Global Crisis Don Robotham

Caribbean Impact and CDB Response P. Desmond Brunton, CDB

Implications for the Caribbean and Policy Response Trevor Alleyne, IMF

CDB Seminar on Global Financial Crisis and the Caribbean Papers & Report

South Centre Calls for Revamping of Global Financial Architecture

Why the Ecuadorean Proposal for Regional Monetary Agreements may be a Better Response to the Crisis than the G20 Declaration South Centre

Time for a new Bretton Woods South Centre

Statement on the G20 Summit on the Crisis Transnational Institute Working Group

Double Standards in the West’s Crisis Policies Martin Khor

The Economics of Hypocrisy Ha-Joon Chang

The U.S.Troubled Assets Relief Programme Clive Thomas


Crisis Reveals Growing Finance Gaps For Developing Countries World Bank

The Deepening Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Developing Countries Third World Resurgence

5 Disastrous Decisions That Got Us into This Economic Mess Joseph Stiglitz

Bailouts Dwarf Spending on Poverty and Climate Crises

United Nations Panel: Presentations by Joseph Stiglitz and other experts

The Global Financial Crisis IDEAs Network

Pluralist Economics Review (November 2008) James K Galbraith, Ha-Joon Chang, Jeffey Sachs & others

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Wall Sreet, R.I.P. -End of an Era Creswell & White

Capitalism in convulsion John Plender

End of American Capitalism as we knew it, Willem Buiter

Modern history’s greatest regulatory failure Roger Altman


Financial Regime Change? Robert Wade

Comment on Wade Norman Girvan

Financial Crisis and Neoliberal Paradigm Sir Courtney Blackman

How should the crisis affect Economcs? Real World Economic Review

Crisis forces rethink of neoliberal model–Robert Wade

Financial Collapse, Systemic Crisis? Samir Amin

Collapse of an ideology Yash Tandon

Death of the Globalization Consensus Dani Rodrik

The Stake Through Neoliberalism’s Heart? Alexander Cockburn

The Pyramid Falls and Exposes Neo-Liberal Free Market Dotishness Lester Henry

How did Iceland go bankrupt?


FTAs, EPAs, and the dangers of investment liberalization, Myriam Vander Stichele

WTO’s Radical Financial Service Deregulation Requirements Must Be Addressed

Financial Crisis and GATS Negotiations Martin Khor

Lessons for the EPA Negotiations Joy Kategekwa (.3, South Centre Bull. # 25)


Global Fallout–Another Third World Debt Crisis? Eric Toussaint

The Risks to the South–UNCTAD

Lessons for the South South Centre

Crisis marks out a new geopolitical order Phillip Stephens

The Caribbean is heading for a severe economic contraction David Jessop

From Sub-Prime to Sublime Disaster: Implications for the Caribbean Maurice Odle

World Financial Crisis will hurt the Caribbean Sir Ronald Sanders

The Crisis Facing the American Empire: Four-Part Video Series Chalmers Johnson


The CL Financial/CLICO debacle: big companies should not run small countries Norman Girvan

Why was the CL Financial debacle allowed to happen? The answer seems to take us to the heart of governance In,  small countries, where,  a single large firm can wield enormous political and economic influence, to the detriment of the public good.

Caricom Heads agree to collabarate on CL Financial problem Paras. 1-4 of Statement on Global Crisis appended to Communique

Owen Arthur Flays Heads over CLICO Meltdown Stabroek News

Establish a Caribbean-wide Financial Services Regulator Sir Ronald Sanders

G20 Summit

G20 Summit did nothing for the Caribbean Sir Ronald Sanders

‘Caribbean leaders should tell the G20 countries attending the Summit of the Americas that the G20 Summit gave them no cause for hope and no message of relief for their peoples. They should refuse to be at the margins of history.’

The only good thing to come out of the G20 Summit?

The best thing to come out of the G20 Summit?

The Reality Behind the Hype of the G20 Summit Martin Khor

Rather than $1.1 trillion, the new commitments are estimated to be below $100 billion and most of those were already in train without the G20 summit.

A Development-blind G20 Outcome That Empowers An Unreformed IMF Bhumika Muchhala

‘With no consensus on a coordinated fiscal stimulus plan or regulation of cross-border financial flows, the only agreement on immediate action was to boost the resources of the international financial institutions whose decision-making has been controlled by the US and European countries since their creation’.