On January 1,,  2008, Nadia Bishop, daughter of slain Prime Minister Maurice Bishop of the Grenada People’s Revolutionary Government, broadcast this,  appeal for forgiveness,  and reconciliation to,  the people of Grenada.

In it, Ms. Bishop,  tells of an emotional meeting the previous day with Bernard Coard and others imprisoned for the murder of her father and thirteen of his colleagues, and,  of the,  “joy” she,  felt at having,   “mutally freed each other from the bond of,  negativity that has existed between us these past 24 years”.

Ms. Bishop also apologises to, and asks the forgiveness of, those harmed by the People’s Revolutionary Government headed by her father.

We believe that Ms. Bishop’s statement is of great relevance, wisdom and humanity in,  view of the debate over the tragic events in Grenada in October 1983 re-ignited by the recent release of Bernard Coard and the remainder of those,  convicted for the Bishop murders.

Fellow Grenadians, Happy New Year. Most of you know me. My name is Nadia Bishop. I am the daughter of Angela Bishop, and Maurice Bishop, the late Prime Minister of Grenada. I am here today on this first day of a new year to invite you to join me in forgiveness and reconciliation. I invite you to join me in creating a new beginning, as we start this New Year. ..

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