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This page was started after the Haitian earthquake of January 12, 2010


Ayiti Kraze / Haiti in Fragments

This forum brings together scholars from different fields of study, and different parts of the world, for a conversation about ways to think about challenges that Haiti has faced since independence, challenges that have been international in scope since this sovereign nation’s sudden and unexpected debut on the world’s stage.

The Public Archive

A,  resource for Haiti’s history. It compiles historical essays, archival material, and well-informed journalism from across the web, mainly from freely available, if not always easily accessible, open-source journals, digital repositories, and online newspapers and periodicals. Haiti Earthquake Updates Grassroots Internationa


Eighteen months after the earthquake in Haiti Angela Bruce Raeburn

The Business of Disaster: Where’s the Haiti-bound money going? Other Worlds

Jusice for Haiti: Beyond Aid and Debt Forgiveness Ethan Katz and and,   Daniel Boscov-Ellen, COHA

HaitiWatson R Denis Oxford Encyclopaedia of the Modern World

Rescue Haiti Watch Kizzie Ruiz’s powerful rendition on YouTube

Rescue Haiti The Lyrics, Christophe Grant

Haiti Post-Earthquake Noam Chomsky

Sweatshops won’t save Haiti Tope Folarin

Haiti’s Earthquake Victims in Great Peril Roger Annis

Post Disaster Reconstruction: Putting Haitian Citizens Into the Equation Bevery Bell

Haiti Earthquake – Two Months Later Rights Action

Haiti and the Aid Racket: How,   NGOs are Profiting Of a Grave Situation Ashley Smith

‘A Grab For Cash’: groups jockey for role in Haiti Jacqueline Charles

Haiti Peasant Movement for Food Sovereignty: The Clock is Set at Zero Chavannes Jean-Baptise and Beverly Bell

Food Aid Undermines Local Producers CEPR

Social Structures Form in Haiti’s Tent Cities MIriam Jordan, WSJ

Haitians Facing ‘Intolerable Breach of Human Dignity’ Doctors Without Borders

Haitian and Chilean ‘quakes test Caricom’s response capabilities Sir Ronald Sanders

‘Rebuilding Haiti’: The Sweatshop Hoax David Wilson

Chile’s Socialist Rebar Naomi Klein

Preval: death toll may reach 300,000 Aljazeera

Food crisis looms in rural Haiti FAO

Haiti Earthquake: Reconstruction, Corruption and International Capital Leslie Pean

Oil, gas, gold, copper,in Haiti equals US occupation Jerry Mazza

Beyond Port-au-Prince: Grassroots Women’s Group Brings Aid to Remote, Hard-Hit Areas of Haiti Judith De Los Santos

A Future for Agriculture, A Future for Haiti Beverly Bell

PAPDA calls for a national dialogue on the challenges of reconstruction

A new Haiti: Presented by the Haitian Government, but cooked up by the 2004 coup cabal Jose De Cordoba

PDNA: Whose Needs, Whose Assessment? Beverly Bell

Peasant Organisations Provide Humanitarian Aid Beverly Bell

Raising Up Another Haiti Beverly Bell

The Aid Racket Ashley Smith

Reaching out to the Diaspora Andy Johnson Trinidad Express

Varying views on Haiti recovery: Caribbean scholars at Odds Andy Johnson, Trinidad Express

‘Collapsed house, no number’ Beverly Bell’s,  Port-au-Prince Log

Haiti: Private Contractors ‘Like Vultures Coming To Grab The Loot’ Anthony Fenton, IPS

Post-quake Haiti’s economic revival: is low-paying garment industry the answer? Jonathan Katz, AP

Anthony Wilson’s Predatory State of Nature Cecil Gutzmore

What the World Owes Haiti John Maxwell

Watch This Investment Summit on Haiti Rickey Singh

Haiti Names Digicel Chairman Goodwill Ambassador Jamaica Observer

Dominican solidarity with the Haitian people Emmanuel Santos

Top U.N. official critiques U.N. Haiti relief effort

Sarcozy promises Eu. 270 M. for Haiti BBC

President Sarcozy Visits Haiti Associated Press

France’s Restitution Debt to Haiti set at $21 billion J. Damu

Sarcozy,   ‘NON’ to call for Restitution

UN launches appeal for $1.5 billion for Haiti relief

Damage from Haiti’s,   earthquake could reach $14 billion AP

France in Haiti:,   A Fresh Start by Sarcozy? Sir Ronald Sanders

Caricom should call on France to repay its debt to Haiti Rickey Singh

Listen to ‘Aide Haiti’ Kizzie Ruiz. Read the lyrics here

Shameless and graceless John Maxwell

FAO sounds alarm on Haitian agriculture

Cuba’s aid ignored by the media? Tom Fawthrop

Capitalising on the Haitian Catastrope Nandini Gunewardena

Investing or capitalising on Haiti? Rickey Singh

Benighted Journalists Assail Haiti Joe Emersberger ZNet

US Brags Haiti Response is a ‘Model’ While More Than a Million Remain Homeless in Haiti Bill Quigley

Beyond Disaster Aid to Solidarity Beverly Bell

Bill Quigley: Why The US Owes Haiti Billions–the Briefest History

Politics of rebuilding Haiti Al-Jazeera (Video)

1 month after quake, Haitians still forced to help themselves as rains portend more suffering Jonathan Katz

A US envoy’s ‘pressure’ on Barbados Rickey Singh

Haiti, I’m Sorry! Mineral Wealth and the U.S. interest Msgr. Patrick Anthony, Catholic Chronicle

Haiti, Forgive Us Amy Goodman

The 2004 Coup d’Etat in Haiti Nonaligned Press Network

Aristide interview on his 2004 ouster Claude Ribbe

Haiti: grants to repay an odious debt? Eric Toussaint and Sophie Perchellet

The fault line on Haiti runs straight back to France Ben McIntyre The Times

Regis Debray’s report on Franco-Haitian relations English computer translation

UNASUR approved $100 million multilateral fund for Haiti

The Bolivarian Revolution and the Caribbean Fidel Castro

Learning from Haiti Ignacio Ramonet Le Monde Diplomatique

Haiti From the Frontlines Abeng News

Caricom prepares for recovery phase in Haiti Jamaica Observer

Golding calls for audit of Haiti relief funds Jamaica Gleaner

Haiti Reconstruction: the Paul Collier plan Duncan Green

From the Frontlines: ” It is Unbearable To See What is Happening” Flavia Cherry

Barbados’s ‘shameful decision’ to refuse Haitian patients People’s Empowerment Party

Head of Caritas Haiti Bishop criticises militarization of US aid National Catholic Reporter

Guyana has so far raised $1.4 M. for Global Women’s Strike in Haiti Andaiye and Joy Marcus

US backs debt relief for Haiti

Haiti’s Debt Burden: The Real Story Eurodad

The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti F. William Engdahl

Haiti’s Earthquake Had Been Predicted For Years Fred Tasker

Pettition from Haitian Youth Ambassadors to CARICOM Special Summit on Youth, Paramaribo, February 2010

Caricom ‘missing in action’ on Haiti Andy Johnson

Carving Out a Real Role for Caricom in Haiti Sunity Mahara,

The betrayal of Haiti Gerald Kaplan The Globe and Mail

The US game in Latin America Mark Weisbrot

Costly Haiti: Jamaica stuggles with big relief bill Jamaica Gleaner

Haiti heads for new debt crisis as international loans pile up The Observer

Securing disaster in Haiti Peter Hallward

The kidnapping of Haiti and the long-term plan for the hemisphere John Pilger

Occupation in humanitarian clothing Jesse Hagopian

Italian official condemns Haiti earthquake relief as ‘Vanity Parade’

We are sending doctors, not soldiers Fidel Castro

9 Latin American countries meet on rebuilding Haiti Xinhua

Haiti reconstruction needs new way of thinking Xinhua

Children Missing From Haiti Hospitals Kidnapped For Adoption, UNICEF says

Haiti: concern for orphans whisked from home The Scotsman

Fear of organ harvesting in Haiti Press TV

Cuban doctors work in hospital in Haiti CNN Radio (Audio)

Cuban doctors help in Haiti (CNN Video)

Third World Traveler – Haiti Page

CARICOM’s False Start in its Mission to Haiti Andy Johnson

U.S. Mercenaries Set Sights on Haiti Jeremy Scahill, The Nation

Solidarity and respect for Popular Sovereignty: Haiti is Calling

Message from Camille Chalmers PAPDA

IMF no-interest, no-conditionality loan to Haiti shows that global activism can work Richard Kim

World Bank waives Haiti debt payments for five years

UNIFEM Mourns the Deaths of Women’s Rights Activists in Haiti

Haiti: Call for UN to protect women and girls from sexual abuse during relief efforts

Haiti’s Tragedy Could Provide an Opportunity for Improved US-Cuban Relations Through Disaster Relief Collaboration Council on Hemispheric Affairs

Haiti 2010: An Unwelcome Katrina Redux Cynthia McKinney

Exploitation, Racism and the Haitian Catastrophe Tony Fraser

Save Haiti From The Shock Doctrine People’s Empowerment Party

Heritage Foundation’s Shock Doctrine For Haiti Johnathan Schwarz

Haiti’s Classquake Jeb Sprague

National Association of Cuban Economists in Solidarity with Haiti

African Union Statement on Haiti

UNDP: Haiti recovery begins with population’s direct involvement

Association of Caribbean People to Ban-Ki-Moon

Association of Caribbean People Press Release

HLLN will not tolerate the maligning of the Haitian people Ezili Danto

Caricom delegation blocked as US takes control of Haiti’s airport Rickey Singh

Haiti and the Caricom reply Stabroek News

Restore Haiti’s Stature Now Sir Ronald Sanders

Solidarity Assistance from Cuba to Haiti

Caricom Gets Moving on Haiti Jamaica Observer

UWI Gets Moving on Haiti

‘Today We Are All Haitian‘ Caribbean Media Exchange

Caribbean Movement For Peace and Integration: Solidarity With Haiti

CAFRA’s Loss of Life in the Haitian Earthquake

Dumping of Toxic Waste in Haiti Mitchel Cohen

The Lawrence Summers World Bank Memo on Dumping of Toxic Waste on Poor Countries

Haiti’s Holocaust and Middle Passage Continues Ezili Dantí² /Marguerite Laurent

Negative Outcome of MINUSTAH in Haiti—International Federation of Human Rights

Brazilian organizations demand withdrawal of MINUSTAH/Brazilian troops from Haiti

Haiti: Minimum Wage, Maximum Outrage Claude Adams

Haiti’s Elections Mark Schuller

The Bill Clinton Appointment: Haiti’s Great White Hope? John Maxwell

Fidel Castro on Haiti and the Clinton appointment

John Maxwell

John Maxwell to be Awarded Honorary Degree by UWI

The degree DLitt honoris causa will be awarded to Mr. John Maxwell, veteran journalist and environmental activist; and a passionate and unstinting advocate for the protection of beaches and other environmental causes in Jamaica and throughout the region as well as for the political liberation of Haiti

Caribbean Trade Unionists on Solidarity Mission in Haiti

Reginald Dumas Launches ‘Medianet Haiti Relief Fund’

If Haitians Can Defeat HIV/AIDS, They Can Run Their Own Country

Haiti’s Senate elections 20/04/09: less than 10 percent participation

The Audacity of Hopelessness John Maxwell

John Maxwell’s Interview on Canadian Radio

Haitian Farmers Want to End Food Dependence Haiti Support Group Briefing No. 63/Feb 2009

Review of Reginald Dumas’s An Encounter With Haiti,Mervyn Claxton

Coming to the Rescue of Haiti Barbados Nation

A Haiti Policy Agenda for the Obama Team Ezili Danto

Response of the World Bank to Call for Haitian Debt Cancellation

Haiti and the slave route Gabriel Molina, Granma,

Ezili Dantí² Biography Marguerite Laurent

US Humanitarianism? Never Heard of It, Natalie O’Neill, Miami New Times

Sign the on-line Petition Demanding France to Repay the $22 billion Independence Debt Extorted from Haiti

The Rebirth of Konbit in Haiti

Debt Cancellation for Haiti – No Reason for Further Delays Mark Weisbrot and Luis Sandoval, CEPR, Washington

British agencies call for more support for Haitian farmers

What Haitian-Americans want from the new U.S. President and Congress

Letter to Mr Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank from Ambassador Reginald Dumas on the cancellation of Haiti’s debt

Zoellick ‘misled’ Haitians over debt cancellation–Jubilee Campaign

Effect of the Global Financial Crisis on Haiti: Camille Chalmers

Caribbean organisations demand immediate and unconditional cancellation of Haiti’s debt 3 October 2008

Forgive Haiti Its Debt! Rickey Singh 25 October 2008

Zoellick: World Bank Won’t Forgive Haiti’s Debt 23 October 2008

World Bank head says Haiti could be debt free by 2009 23 October 2008

Why the IMF/World Bank HIPCC Initiative is inadequate Jubilee Debt,  Campaign

Open Letter to European Development Ministers from Haitian organisations calling for complete debt cancellation for Haiti 26 September 2008

Open letter to European Development Ministers and,  EU Parliament from 39 European organisations calling for immediate debt cancellation for Haiti14 July 2008

Open Letter to G8 Finance Ministers from European NGOs on cancellation of Haiti’s Debt12 June 2008

A New Approach That Tackles the Root Cause of the Country’s Problems Haiti Support Group

An Encounter With Haiti Reginald Dumas

View Reggie Dumas Interview with Andy Johnson

SOS for Haiti Myrtha Desulme

Haiti Support Group website

Progressive civil society organisations say tackle the root problems now – 15 September 2008

Position of Haitian social and popular organisations on the EPA – 22 September 2008

Haiti’s Poverty Redu ction Strategy Paper (PRSP) process and the limited participation of civil society, 13 November 2007

Comparison of the PRSP with the proposals recently put forward by progressive civil society organisations, 23 September 2008

Letter of Appreciation to CARICOM and the People and Government of Jamaica April 2004