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CLICO again–OECS bombshell, Norman Girvan

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Fresh revelations about the operations in the Eastern Caribbean of,   the CLICO affiliate, British American Insurance Company, underline the extent of reckless corporate behaviour, the cost to taxpayers of failure to adequately regulate the financial sector, and the dangers of continued delays in completing the CSME.

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ECCU CLICO Statement

Three lessons of the CLICO debacle, Norman Girvan

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  • Caricom governments need to equip themselves in a timely manner with the necessary legal tools and supervisory instruments to effect adequate regulation of financial entities in the public interest,
  • Finalise and adopt the Caricom Financial Services Agreement as a matter of urgency
  • Revisit the commitments on financial services and their regulation made by Caricom, as part of Cariforum, under the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU.

Full article (includes links to stuff on the CLICO debacle)

Of Corporate Gangs and Gang Leaders, Cecil Paul

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The revelations by witnesses at the Commission of Enquiry into CL Financial and the Hindu Credit Union are not only utterly disgusting, frightening and highly shameful, but more instructive to Trinbagonians, they expose the corporate gangs, gang leaders and members operating in an environment not dissimilar to those in the Trinbago criminal underworld…


Part 2 Published 3 October 2011

Webmaster’s note: the revelations to which Cecil Paul’s article refers are coming out of the Trinidad and Tobago Commission of Enquiry into the failure of CLICO/CL Financial and the Hindu Credit Union. Go to the websites of the Trinidad Express, the Trinidad Guardian and the Trinidad Newsday for daily reports on the CoE proceedings. Go to for in-depth analysis of the on-going saga.

Also highly recommended The Odd Couple: Che and Duprey by Dr Godfrey Vincent

The CL Financial Debacle: Big Companies Should Not Run Small Countries, Norman Girvan


Why was the CL Financial debacle,  allowed to happen? The answer seems to take us to the heart of governance in small countries, where a single large firm can wield enormous economic and political influence…


New: Afra Raymond’s Blog on the CL Financial/CLICO Debacle

A series of,   twelve excellent articles on the collapse,  of the CL conglomerate, the intervention of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the issues raised.

Postscript Govt left empty-handed in CL Financial bail-out: all of CLICO’s assets committed 7/04/09

$315M Rescue: TT Govt digs deeper to bail out CL companies in the Caribbean 21/04/09

Time to take control of CL Financial William Lucie-Smith 20/05/09

A Call For Order Afra Raymond 15 September 2012


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Sustainable Development as an Answer to Economic and Financial Crises Yimlaz Akyuz

Global Crisis Norman Girvan

Global Crisis; Clive Thomas

Implications of the global economic crisis for Caribbean integration , Diedron Lewis, Samantha C. Joseph,,   and Khellon Q. Roach

An animated guide to the Global Crisis David Harvey (Video, useful for students)

Globalization and Crisis A Special Issue of the Journal Globalizations, Vol. 6, Issue 1-2, April 2010

Monitoring International Crisis Articles on the multidimensional aspects of the global crisis of capitalist civilization

Project Syndicate: A World of Ideas

Resources on the Global Financial Crisis Carnegie Council

Report of the Commission of Experts of the President of the United Nations General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System (Stiglitz Report) September 21, 2009

Global Crisis Blogs

Dani Rodrik’s blog

The Ideological Crisis of Western Capitalism Joseph E. Stiglitz

This time it really is different:,  Europe, the Financial Crisis, and ‘Staying on Top’ in the 21st Century” Mark Blyth, Professor of International Political Economy, Brown University

Why the IMF and the International Monetary System Need More Than Just Cosmetic Reform South Centre

Rebalancing the Global Economy Xiaojing Zhang

Frank Rich, Barack Obama and the Corporate ‘Punking’ of America Paul Street

The Quiet Coup Simon Johnson

The Sudden Demise of Neo-Liberal Economics Robert Savio

The Ending of America’s Financial-Military Empire Michael Hudson

Global Power Revisited: The United States in a Changing World Order Foresight

The crisis is one of a model of civilization – Atilio Boron

The IMF Rules the World Michael Hudson

ILO Tripartite Caribbean Conference Action Plan for addressing social and labour consequences of crisis

How Free Trade Agreements, Bilateral Investment Treaties and the WTO can hamper measures for recovery from the global financrisis Third World Network

IMF Crisis Loans: No Change in Conditionalities, Third World Network

Reflections of Fidel Castro on the XI International Conference on Globalization and Problems of Development held in Havana Cuba, 2-6 March 2009

Declaration of the XI International Conference on Globalization on the Global Financial Crisis

Versión en español Version franí§aise

‘The Fed Screwed Up’: Presentation by Robert Mundell, Nobel Laureate, at the XI International Conference on Globalization and Problems of Development held in Havana, Cuba, 2-6 March 2009

The Caribbean, the Developing World and the Global Crisis Don Robotham

Afra Raymond’s Blog on the CL Financial/CLICO Debacle

Clico’s Massive OECS Financial Deficit BBC Caribbean

Lessons of the CLICO debacle Norman Girvan

Jamaica, the Third World and the Global Crisis Don Robotham

Caribbean Impact and CDB Response P. Desmond Brunton, CDB

Implications for the Caribbean and Policy Response Trevor Alleyne, IMF

CDB Seminar on Global Financial Crisis and the Caribbean Papers & Report

South Centre Calls for Revamping of Global Financial Architecture

Why the Ecuadorean Proposal for Regional Monetary Agreements may be a Better Response to the Crisis than the G20 Declaration South Centre

Time for a new Bretton Woods South Centre

Statement on the G20 Summit on the Crisis Transnational Institute Working Group

Double Standards in the West’s Crisis Policies Martin Khor

The Economics of Hypocrisy Ha-Joon Chang

The U.S.Troubled Assets Relief Programme Clive Thomas


Crisis Reveals Growing Finance Gaps For Developing Countries World Bank

The Deepening Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Developing Countries Third World Resurgence

5 Disastrous Decisions That Got Us into This Economic Mess Joseph Stiglitz

Bailouts Dwarf Spending on Poverty and Climate Crises

United Nations Panel: Presentations by Joseph Stiglitz and other experts

The Global Financial Crisis IDEAs Network

Pluralist Economics Review (November 2008) James K Galbraith, Ha-Joon Chang, Jeffey Sachs & others

Radical Perspectives on the Crisis

The Great Financialization Kari Polanyi Levitt

Global finance in crisis Jacques Sapir

Nouriel Roubini’s Global EconoMonitor

George Soros Website

How is a credit crunch different from a financial crisis? Clive Thomas

At the epicentre of the crisis–a bursting bubble Clive Thomas

Wall Sreet, R.I.P. -End of an Era Creswell & White

Capitalism in convulsion John Plender

End of American Capitalism as we knew it, Willem Buiter

Modern history’s greatest regulatory failure Roger Altman


Financial Regime Change? Robert Wade

Comment on Wade Norman Girvan

Financial Crisis and Neoliberal Paradigm Sir Courtney Blackman

How should the crisis affect Economcs? Real World Economic Review

Crisis forces rethink of neoliberal model–Robert Wade

Financial Collapse, Systemic Crisis? Samir Amin

Collapse of an ideology Yash Tandon

Death of the Globalization Consensus Dani Rodrik

The Stake Through Neoliberalism’s Heart? Alexander Cockburn

The Pyramid Falls and Exposes Neo-Liberal Free Market Dotishness Lester Henry

How did Iceland go bankrupt?


FTAs, EPAs, and the dangers of investment liberalization, Myriam Vander Stichele

WTO’s Radical Financial Service Deregulation Requirements Must Be Addressed

Financial Crisis and GATS Negotiations Martin Khor

Lessons for the EPA Negotiations Joy Kategekwa (.3, South Centre Bull. # 25)


Global Fallout–Another Third World Debt Crisis? Eric Toussaint

The Risks to the South–UNCTAD

Lessons for the South South Centre

Crisis marks out a new geopolitical order Phillip Stephens

The Caribbean is heading for a severe economic contraction David Jessop

From Sub-Prime to Sublime Disaster: Implications for the Caribbean Maurice Odle

World Financial Crisis will hurt the Caribbean Sir Ronald Sanders

The Crisis Facing the American Empire: Four-Part Video Series Chalmers Johnson


The CL Financial/CLICO debacle: big companies should not run small countries Norman Girvan

Why was the CL Financial debacle allowed to happen? The answer seems to take us to the heart of governance In,  small countries, where,  a single large firm can wield enormous political and economic influence, to the detriment of the public good.

Caricom Heads agree to collabarate on CL Financial problem Paras. 1-4 of Statement on Global Crisis appended to Communique

Owen Arthur Flays Heads over CLICO Meltdown Stabroek News

Establish a Caribbean-wide Financial Services Regulator Sir Ronald Sanders

G20 Summit

G20 Summit did nothing for the Caribbean Sir Ronald Sanders

‘Caribbean leaders should tell the G20 countries attending the Summit of the Americas that the G20 Summit gave them no cause for hope and no message of relief for their peoples. They should refuse to be at the margins of history.’

The only good thing to come out of the G20 Summit?

The best thing to come out of the G20 Summit?

The Reality Behind the Hype of the G20 Summit Martin Khor

Rather than $1.1 trillion, the new commitments are estimated to be below $100 billion and most of those were already in train without the G20 summit.

A Development-blind G20 Outcome That Empowers An Unreformed IMF Bhumika Muchhala

‘With no consensus on a coordinated fiscal stimulus plan or regulation of cross-border financial flows, the only agreement on immediate action was to boost the resources of the international financial institutions whose decision-making has been controlled by the US and European countries since their creation’.


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Venezuela y Trinidad y Tobago firmaron un acuerdo de unificación de yacimientos de gas

T&T, Venezuela, Sign Gas Agreement Guardian

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Caracas visit Stabroek News

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Chavez-Jagdeo Joint Declaration of 21 July 2010

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Delaying inevitable in Caricom Rickey Singh

Caricom’s big chance Jean Lowrie-Chin

Guyana vindicated in its stand on the EPA–Jagdeo IPS

Clinging to a colonial institution: Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago’s reluctance to join the CCJ Simeon Mcintosh

Don’t blame the people for Caricom’s failures Sir Ronald Sanders

Kamla’s charm sweeps Caricom

Tough talking Kamla stuns Caricom

Negative vibes at Caricom summit

CariCom;,   CariGone? Kaieteur News

We may just have to dump CARICOM Gleaner Editorial

Alas, CARICOM again James Moss-Solomon

Owen Arthur–The Caribbean Commissioner the region should have Sir Ronald Sanders

Caricom’s awful ‘governance’ dance Rickey Singh

Kamla to tackle ‘unfair’ trade ties Andy Johnson

Drugs and Arms Trafficking: A Regional Wake-Up Call Kito Johnson

Moving the OECS and Belize deep into the CSME Rickey Singh

Caricom’s dilemma: should Golding take over the Chairmanship? Rickey Singh

Govt completes TT$300 million Air Jamaica deal Trinidad Express

Air Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines to Implement Transition Plan May 1 Jamaica Information Service

Top UN award brings high praise to Guyana’s president Rickey Singh

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Studying Caricom and practicing Caricom Stabroek News

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Caricom Heads to re-evaluate Single Economy deadlines

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US ‘bullying’: Extradition of Jamaican drug lord is latest episode in Caricom Rickey Singh

Hillary Clinton’s Latin American Blunders Mark Weisbrot

CPDC Trade Policy Visit to Washington, D.C. March 2010

Launch of CLACS – ‘A transcendental event’ Fidel Castro

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EU fails to meet development aid pledges Eurostep

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CARICOM-Latin America Unity Summit,   February 21-26 2010 Opens in Mexico Xinhua

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Letter of Commendation to the incoming ACP Secretary General for his performance as ECOWAS President

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Venezuelan President’s Speech on Climate Change in Copenhagen

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Dismal Outcome at Copenhagen Fiasco Financial Times

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Haiti signs EPA

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Jamaica tops EU beneficiaries EU delegate

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Major Overhaul Needed for West Indies Cricket Brian Lara

Revisiting an Abandoned,  ,  Blueprint,   for Salvation: The 1947 Montego Bay Conference Sir Ronald Sanders

West Indies Cricket: Back From the Brink Ian McDonald

Caricom must adopt a new economic model – President Jagdeo

Small states cannot go it alone Sir Ronald Sanders

Bye – Caricom and West Indies Cricket Peter Laurie

Private Sector, Labour, Blasts on CSME at Two-Day Forum Rickey Singh

‘Labour pains’ – CCL

‘We need CSME‘ – PM Thompson

Who’s listening when the Caribbean speaks? Sir Ronald Sanders

Change the failed anti-drugs policy! Sir Ronald Sanders

The Drug War Dialogues Mark Lee

West Indies Cricket: Demise or Renewal?

‘Swimming together’ to reach CSME? Rickey Singh

Private Sector, Labour, Blasts on CSME at Two-Day Forum Rickey Singh

‘Labour pains’ – CCL

‘We need CSME‘ – PM Thompson

Slow progress on CSME bothers Patterson

Guyana’s Brightening Economic Prospects and Political Uncertainties Sir Ronald Sanders

Queen Elizabeth Dismisses U.K. Government–Norman’s Dream

Unjust Ramphal bashing on ‘ethnic cleansing’ talk Rickey Singh

Caricom’s lack of clarity on global crisis

Proposed change to PetroCaribe pact has Caribbean worried

EU-SADC EPA: Moment of Truth for Regional Integration

West African Churches Warn Against EPAS

EPAs: A Carrot For Africa?

$8 billion suit against Antigua: a case that hits home David Jessop

Regional private sector concerened about slow pace of CSME implementation

EPA Controversy Rages in Africa Updates from Manchester Trade

The Honduras coup is the Caribbean’s business Andaiye, Norman Girvan and Alissa Trotz

Caricom: swim together or swim separately Andy Johnson

Caricom needs an action agenda

Caricom’s lack of coordination Andy Johnson

Requiem for the CRNM

Regional migration debate dominates Caricom summit Andy Johnson

Caricom’s glaring weakness: after the 30th Summit Rickey Singh

A deepening consensus on Caricom: Golding’s call for a Permanent Commission of Caricom Represenatives Jamaica Gleaner Editorial

Whither the Caribbean Community? Dr Marshall Hall

A critical review of the results of the Caricom Summit Alissa Trotz

Summit Communique

Ambassador Gail Mathurin to head new Caricom Office of Trade Negotiations

Jagdeo: Caricom leaders recommit to free movement

Caricom ‘caught in a downward spiral of separateness Sir Shridath Ramphal

Caricom Needs an Executive Mechanism P.J. Patterson

Caribbean Unity at a Crossroads Alissa Trotz

Golding calls for permanent implementation authority for Caricom

Immigration row heats up Summit launch

Patterson: collapse not an option

Getting Caricom Back on Track

Caricom’s Make or Break Summit Rickey Singh

Caricom leaders must move the Region forward or pay the price Sir Ronald Sanders

Are our neighbours our colonies? Reggie Dumas

Drugs and Democracy Norman Girvan

Making Caricom Less ‘At Risk Sir Ronald Sanders

Caricom: Hang Together or Hang Separately Douglas Orane

Small Countries Must Put Their Houses in Order Yash TandonBelize: Controversy Over Use of Chinese Immigrant Labour

From CRNM to OTN CRNM Press Release

Ambassador Gail Mathurin to head new Caricom Office of Trade Negotiations

The IMF Returns to Jamaica

T&T Stimulus Package To Help Region

Where’s Caricom’s Energy Policy? Jamaica Gleaner

Manning: region,  under threat

PM Manning’s Speech: The Unravelling of Logic Jamaica Gleaner

Instead of Insulting Caricom, Prime Minister Thompson Jamaica Observer

Barbados ‘profiling’ Guyanese nationals–Clive Thomas

Strange Ways of Two Leaders Rickey Singh

We will,  pay in blood-Manning

Is Caricom at Risk? Norman Girvan

Icebergs In The Way of Integration Barbados NationNews

Jamaica’s domestic and external interests Robert Buddan

Format Change for Caricom Summit Rickey Singh

Caricom’s Coming Crucial Debates Rickey Singh

Global Crisis Blowing Caricom Off Course–Orane

Cariforum Discusses Funding Press Release 15/06/09

EU Bows to Pressure, Moves EPA Deadline

West Africa Holds Out for EPA Limited to Trade in Goods and Development Cooperation

EPA Signing Threatens Southern Africa Customs Union

Africa right to hold out for a better EPA Sir Ronald Sanders

Africa and the Economic Crisis: The Case for Greater Flexibility in the EPAs Emily Jones

Haiti still refusing to sign the EPA Port-au-Prince, 27 May 2009 (Radio Metropole)

The Haitian Platform for Alternative Development (PAPDA) has welcomed the ” courageous position ” of the Haitian government in refusing to sign the Cariforum-EC EPA.

Is Guyana being punished for its opposition to the EPA?

Caricom-Canada FTA: What’s the hurry? Norman Girvan

How Free Trade Agreements Can Hamper Measures for Recovery from the Global Economic Crisis Third World Network

Schengen Visa exemptions: first class and second class Caricom citizens? Norman Girvan

Ecuador’s President rejects FTA with Europe

ACP Declaration on Bananas 28 May 2009

BANANA ALERT Joyce van Genderen-Naar

Caricom statement on EU banana proposals

PetroCaribe: A model of cooperation – Golding

Caricom ‘stronger than ever’–Jagdeo

Can Caricom stand the pressure? BBC Caribbean

Jagdeo and Golding on Caricom’s Future Rickey Singh

Caricom: Hang Together of Hang Separately Douglas Orane

‘Stop It Or Else’- Jamaican Minister Warns Caricom,   Trading Partners

Caricom: Backward Ever, Forward Never Raffique Shah

Barbados getting bad reputation in Caricom–Opposition Leader

Those Threats to Free Trade Rickey Singh

Jamaican PM laments barriers to free movement of Caribbean nationals

Jamaican PM: Caricom at Risk

Namibia: No Penalty for Not Signing the EPA, says EU

Jamaica Gets Budgetary Assistance from the EU

A Trade War Over Patties? Anthony Wilson

CARICOM: killing Jamaica softly Claude Clarke

Caribean Diplomacy and Victory for Cuba Robert Budhan

The ECOWAS EPA: A,   ‘Funeral Oration’ to Regional Integration?

Africa and the Economic Crisis: The Case for Greater Flexibility in the EPAs Emily Jones

Caricom: Are Things Falling Apart? Rickey Singh

ACP Ministers call on EU to ensure consultations over sugar

Let’s get on with the EPA, says Golding

A Critical View of Prime Minister Thompson’s ‘Amnesty’ Annalee Davis

T&T, OECS Move Closer to Political, Economic Union

Caricom sets up another Task Force on the crisis

Guyana’s opposition to EPA leads to loss of 6 million Euros

Jagdeo,  calls for freeze on EPA in light of global crisis

Ecuador’s President rejects FTA with Europe

What the PM Must Tell Caricom Jamaica Gleaner

Caricom’s Pilgramage Stabroek News

CARCIOM: Lost Within a Wider Caribbean Community? Sir Ronald Sanders

Guyanese in Barbados say Work Permit renewals,   being delayed

Caricom concern over EU proposal on bananas

ACP Countries Seek Sweeter Sugar Deal

Gonsalves: Stop Mistreating Caribbean Immigrants Rickey Singh

Venner finds Caricom wanting

St Vincent PM lashes out at Barbados’s new immigration policies

The Big Three and Little Caricom in the Caribbean Sir Ronald Sanders

Gill Walks Out of CRNM–Unhappy with diminished authority

CRNM DG Gill Resigns CRNM Press Release

Golding: ‘Tighten Regional Bonds in Response to Crisis’

South Africa, Angola, Reject EPA; Namibia Urged to Follow

Jamaican Prime Minister Calls for Clarity on Aid For Trade Initiative

Caribbean Crisis: No Time to Spare Sir Ronald Sanders

Regional Business Leaders Gather to Tackle EPA Implementation

Is Anybody Noticing What’s Happening With,  The CRNM?

CRNM losing autonomy – Trade-negotiating body to be absorbed by CARICOM Secretariat

Development dimension talks needed before free trade negotiations with Canada–Jagdeo

Time to care again for CARICOM Sir Ronald Sanders

EPA: The Next Step BBC Caribean

RNM to Expire BBC Caribbean

Jagdeo Leads Caricom in Talks With Obama Mark Ramotar

St Vincent and the Grenadines becomes seventh ALBA Member

Castro at the Summit: the Elephant Not In The Room

World Bank publishes new study of Caribbean trade and integration

Caricom-US market access under CBERA extended to 2014

Caricom-Canada FTA: A Premature Trade Decision Anthony Gomes

Castro: Unseen Guest at the Vth Summit

‘Liquidity support for region should top Trinidad agenda’ – Jamaica public forum

ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly calls for flexibility, review of Cariforum EPA

Caricom committed to ‘early negotiations’ with Canada; CRNM to report to Carciom Secretariat

Concern over CARICOM trade pact with Canada

Is negotiating an FTA with Canada a Caricom priority at this time? Norman Girvan

Some Caricom leaders ‘window shopping’ on CSME: Jagdeo

OECS should establish joint Regulator Sir Ronald Sanders

Caricom leaders ‘failed to come up with clear plan’,   to confront global crisis. BBC Caribbean

Caricom committed to ‘early negotiations’ with Canada; CRNM to report to Carciom Secretariat

DR Foreign Minister calls on Caricom to implement EPA, wants CRNM in coordinating role

Caricom marking time? Rickey Singh

East African Trade Unions Press for ‘Goods Only’EPAs

ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly Caribbean Region Meeting in Guyana, 24-27 February 2009: Final Communique

‘Tax haven’ jurisdictions: sitting ducks and scapegoats Sir Ronald Sanders

Caricom leaders set to discuss global crisis

Owen Arthur Flays Heads Over CLICO Meltdown

Small States in Stormy Weather-Owen Arthur

MEPs recommend approval of Cariforum EPA, with conditions European Parliament

First class and second class Caricom citizens? Norman Girvan

Caricom Secretariat Sets Up EPA Implementation Unit

Coordinated Regional Response Now Urgent Jamaica Observer

South Centre Cautions African Countries When Approaching EPAs

‘EPA Accord With EU Will Stifle Nigeria’s growth’

EU-ACP Parliamentarians to discuss EPAs in Guyana later this month

Right wing Euro MPs accused of ganging up on world’s poorest countries

Girvan calls for regulation following CLICO failure

Single-minded about the single market? BBC Caribbean

Deglobalisation and the EPA David Jessop

Stocktaking in Caricom Rickey Singh

Caricom’s Threatening Disunity Rickey Singh

On dealing with the European Union now Stabroek News

Coming to the Rescue of Haiti Barbados Nation

EU déjí  vu in the Caribbean John McManus

Caribbean Wish List for Obama Administration Norman Girvan

Guyana Opposition Party Chairman Resigns Over EPA Disagreement

A crucial Caricom meeting Rickey Singh

Blame Game Ricky Jordan

Regional academics call for re-shuffling of Caricom’s quasi Cabinet

European shadow dims Canada-Caribbean Trade Talks Sir Ronald Sanders

CPDC to Monitor Caricom-Canada Trade Negotiations and EPA Implementation

Caricom’s governance conflicts Rickey Singh

JAMAICA: GCT hike proposed to offset EPA tax loss

GUYANA: Jagdeo says negotiating mechanism flawed

The ‘unpayable debt’ to Cuba Rickey Singh

Overcoming Smallness–Key to Improving the Lot of Caribbean People Sir Ronald Sanders

Caricom and Party Politics ’08 Rickey Singh

La deuda es impagable Stabroek News

Caricom in the Declaration of Bahia: First Latin America and Caribbean Summit Rickey Singh

Caribbean lessons from 2008 Ronald Sanders

Caricom passport–a joke Ronald Sanders

Wanted: poltical will for CSME success Rickey Singh

EU gives 16 developing countries duty-free access with GSP+

DR broadside smacks of arrogance

Ambassador Cuello’s Response

Statement by Dominican Republic on EPA Implementation

DR triggers EPA enactment debate

EPA = More United Caribbean

Towards the African Template for EPA Negotiations–ECA

Draft Opinion of EU Parliament Development Committee on Cariforum EPA

EPAs trample on WTO commodities deal–South Centre

Dominican Republic wants EPA implementation agency

Dominican Republic tipping scale against Caricom? Rickey Singh

Caricom-Canada Trade Ageement ‘Sideswiped’ by EPA

Caricom: EU aid not enough for EPA

Whither Single Economy?

Storm Clouds Over Caribbean Financial Services Sir Ronald Sanders

Recovering from ‘EPA hangover’–Caricom prepares for FT talks with Canada

A scorching rebuke Rickey Singh

Caribbean unity–an idea whose time has come Robert Buddan

New EU trade deals divide Africa

Bilateral negotiations with the EU bury Andean Community

Time to listen to the region

The View from the Rear-View Mirror Havelock Brewster

If America can elect a Black President, why can’t Caricom nations agree to pool their sovereignty? Norman Girvan

Stop Europe’s damaging trade deals! War on Want

EPA and Singapore Issues Balraj Kistow

Eastern and Southern Africa to form Single Free Trade Area and coordinate EPA negotiations

Contentious issues in IEPAS: implications for the agricultural sector

Pacific states warned on EU deal

The EPA Exposed New blog by Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Associations

How Caricom can use the mandatory review in the Joint Declaration to address the EPA’s contentious features Norman Girvan

‘Going bananas’—BC Pires Interview with Carl Greenidge, CRNM

‘The review process is very important to me’ – new EC Trade Commissioner

Commonwealth Foundation report on Food and Energy Crisis asks for suspension of the EPA negotiations

African Trade Unions Oppose EPAs

African Free Trade Zone Agreed

Oxfam accuse l’UE d’avoir trahi ses promesses

EPA signed, now let’s implement it

Fundamental philosophical divide over EPA David Jessop

Guyana Signs EPA–Cariforum states have until 31 October to pass legislation for Provisional Application CRNM

Chronology of Events–Government of Guyana

“EPAs must be development friendly,” say socialists. Euro MP David Martin, who will draft the European Parliament recommendation to accept or reject the deal, warned that “it is crucially important for these agreements to promote the development and regional integration”

15/10/2008 – “EPAs must be development friendly,” say socialists.
An EU agreement with Caribbean countries signed in Barbados Wednesday 15 October faces rejection by the European Parliament if it fails to promote development.

Trade’s Trade-offs: An Analysis Council on Hemispheric Affairs

Caribbean Trade Pact Signed Amid Uncertain Future

Finally: A Deal With Europe – The Economist

Guyana’s EPA role ‘vindicated’

Leaders face more hurdles after signing Rickey Singh

Joint Declaration on signing of the EPA by Cariforum and the EC

EPA an opportunity for economic survival–Golding

How Guyana brought out the bully in Mandelson Matthew Carr

Scepticism and confusion background to EPA signing

Guyana a no-show at EPA signing

We Won`t Give Up The Fight! Haiti Support Group

The Economic Partnership Agreement is a Dangerous Neo-Liberal Project and is not in the Interest of the Peoples of the Caribbean Assembly of the Caribbean People

Guyana, under threats, to sign EPA

A Declaratory Amendment to the EPA paves the way for Guyana to sign Havelock Brewster

Now warnings on the MFN Clause Rickey Singh

EPA signing–triumph for compromise?

Governing the EPA David Jessop

Jagdeo optimistic–EC considering proposed clauses for inclusion in EPA

Guyana resisting Caricom pressure to sign EPA

EPA: Guyana to ask for review clause

Caricom nations to sign EPA

To Sign or Not to Sign? The Caribbean Dilemma

ACP Irrelevant: Caricom at Risk Sir Ronald Sanders

EPAs Can Spread Conditions of Finance Crisis to Developing Countries

EPA Rumblings Stabroek News

Commonwealth Civil Society for Suspension of EPAs

Jagdeo tells ACP of ‘anti-development’ nature of EPA

The EPA: technicality subverts democratic discourses Clive Thomas

Watch it, Mr Golding! – ‘Begging Bowl’ blast against Caricom leaders Rickey Singh

Encouraging ACP stand on EPAs

Accra Declaration: ACP to Engage EU on EPAs

Havelock Brewster from Accra–Postpone EPA Signing?

Catherine Ashton Replaces Peter Mandelson as EC Trade Commissioner

Europe’s Ploys to Secure EPA Signing Coming to Light Sir Ronald Sanders

EPA Negotiations Dividing ACP – Secretary General

President of Ghana Urges Second Look at EPAs

Aide Memoire – Guyana’s position on the EPA

Letter from President Jagdeo to the President of the European Commission 30/09/08

FITUG in full support of Guyana’s EPA position

Evaluating the Impact of EPAs on African Regional Integration – ECA

Developing states seeks elusive unity over EU trade David Lewis

EPAs symbolise denial of Africa’s policy choice

Less Than Half of EU Aid Tackles Poverty

Ghana: EPA Not Good For Us, Farmers Tell ACP Delegates 30/09/08

Ghana: do not sign away our future – farmers 29/09/08

Tanzania: Trade Activists Caution on EPA 29/09/08

Haiti: The Struggle Continues Haiti Support Group 29/09/08

ACP states and Guyana’s EPA stand Phil Pascal 28/09/08

Experts positive EPA vital for SKN, Caribbean future 27/09/08

ITUC calls on EU to root EPAs in development 27/09/08

Jagdeo reiterates EPA concerns at UN General Assembly 25/09/08

‘Doubt’ ‘hope’ on Guyana’s stand 23/09/08

Caricom, Venzuela show solidarity with Haiti 24/09/08

Haiti: cancel the debt–use payments for flood relief Haiti Support Group

Haiti Debt Cancellation: No Reason For Further Delays CEPR 12/07

Hurricane relief for Haiti and Cuba: defining a response Alissa Trotz 22/09/08

Costlty delays, but pragmatism prevails on the EPA Jamaica Observer 23/09/08

EPA Implementation David Jessop 21/09/08

CRNM Update: Alternatives to Signing the EPA? 19/09/08

Legal Opinion: ‘Goods Only’ EPA consistent with WTO Rules Sir Ronald Sanders 18/09/08

Tanzania–EPAs: we need fair trade, not free trade 18/09/08

Antigua: Opposition ALP slams UPP approach to EPA 18/09/08 ALP Press Release

Guyana: Opposition PNC’s position on the EPA 15/09/08

St Lucian gov’t explains reasons to sign on to EPA 15/09/08

Caricom helps Europe divide and rule Dennis Pantin 14/09/08

Caricom’s challenge after divide over EPA Rickey Singh 14/09/08

St Kitts Opposition Leader says Heads failed region on EPA 12/09/08

Caricom Press Release on EPA signing 11/09/08

Caricom to sign EPA without Guyana 11/09/08

Caricom minus Guyana to sign EPA 11/09/08

Guyana stands alone on EU deal 11/09/08

Guyana holds out 11/09/08

Holdout 11/09/08

Regional leaders open special summit on EPA 10/09/08

David and Goliath battle Maureen Penjueli 11/09/08

It’s EPA Day! 10/09/08

Crucial EPA meting today 10/09/08

Looking before we leap into EPA ‘Lockdown’ Raffique Shah 10/09/08

These ironies of Caricom Rickey Singh 10/09/08

EC official doesn’t think Guyana can have goods-only EPA 10/09/08

Caribbean leaders should reject EU trade deal, says Christian Aid 10/09/08

Guyana president says EPA could destroy Caricom 09/09/08

Caribbean Conference of Churches supports Guyana proposal o9/09/08

‘EPA nightmare’ – Sir Shridath warns of possible threats to CSME, ACP solidarity 08/09/08

Let’s not build in the EPA in the graveyard of regionalism Norman Girvan 08/09/08

The Guyana stakeholders’ consensus offers a way out of the current EPA deadlock Norman Girvan 08/09/08

Caricom members should withhold unconditional signature of the EPA–Stephen Lande 08/09/08

Guyana proposal: A Positive Development–Havelock Brewster, Norman Girvan & Vaughan Lewis o6/09/08

Guyana could be isolated for its stance on the EPA–Sir Shridath 08/09/08

The Caribbean pulling in different directions Robert Buddan 07/09/08

EPA Summit: ACP may be deciding factor Rickey Singh 07/09/08

EPA signing: a high-stakes gamble David Jessop 07/09/08

Guyana wants ‘goods only’ from EPA Rickey Singh 07/09/08

Guyana: stakeholders ’roundly condemn’ EPA 05/09/08

Guyana consultation: President Jagdeo to urge colleagues to sign on to ‘Goods Only’ Clause; Sir Shridath Ramphal calls for review of the EPA; President Jagdeo outlines major concerns with the EPA; Stakeholders call for leaders not to sign EPA in its present form 06/09/08

Statment by Sir Shridath Ramphal at Guyana Consultation 05/09/08

EPA critics: where they’re going wrong Anthony Peter Gonzales 07/09/08

People within Caricom should be apprised of the EPA 06/09/08

Don’t let us sell ourselves short on the EPA 06/09/08

Dominican government to sign EPA amid concerns 06/09/08

Dominica: Civil Society groups call for renegotiation of EPA 04/09/08

Jamaica: EPA vote widens bitter divide 04/09/08

EPA ‘War’ intensifies in Caricom Raffique Shah 3/09/08

Bahamas: BARF registers ‘extreme disapproval’ of EPA signing 03/09/08

Jamaica: Civil Society organisations call on Gov’t not to sign off on EPA 03/08/08

Jamaica: EPA debate sparks Opposition walk-out of Parliament 03/09/08

Baugh says EPA has exit clause 02/09/08

EPA signing postponed; meeting on September 10 01/09/08

Trading human beings for cows Robert Buddan 31/08/08

Rich countries once used gunboats to seize food. Now they use trade deals George Monbiot 26/08/08

Look again at EU trade agreements Glenys Kinnock MEP 30/08/08

EC official: sign by October 31, or lose preferences 29/08/08

Antigua Labour Party calls for renegotiation of the EPA 29/08/08

Mutinty aboard CARIFORUM (Blog)

Trinidad recommits to EPA 27/08/08

Barbados urges decisive action on the EPA 27/07/08

Jamaica pushing for EPA 27/07/08

Jamaican Trade Unions want EPA signing delayed 27/07/08

Caribbean Conference of Churches calls for rethink of EPA 27/08/08

CRNM Head says EPA ‘the best deal on earth’ 26/08/8

Haitian Civil Society organisations petition Parliament for public review of the EPA

‘The prostitution is a thing we call development’- Derek Walcott 25/08/08

Caribbean-EU Pact Hit by Last Minute Revolt (IPS) 25/08/08

Jamaica: PNP calls special caucus to review EPA 25/08/08

Antigua: NMC calls on Prime Minister not to sign the EPA 22/08/08

St Lucia Civil Society groups want referendum on the EPA 24/08/08

Has Europe invoked imperial memory? Dennis Pantin 24/08/08

Individual excellence, failing nations and the EPA David Abdula 24/08/08

Third World Network wants gov’t to decline EPA pact 23/08/08

Bahamas–signing the EPA is in our best interest Oswald Brown 22/08/08

Jamaica Opposition party raises concerns about the EPA 24/08/08

Negotiating the EPA Harold Beckles, 24/08/08

Date for EPA signing still unclear 25/08/8

EPA ‘Merry Go RoundRickey Singh 24/08/08

Fix Caricom–that’s the problem Sir Ronald Sanders 22/08/08

Caricom chairman hints at delay in EPA signing 22/08/08

CRNM Offical backs EPA 22/08/08

Barbados calls for urgent Caricom meeting on EPA 21/08/08

A One Year Delay Would Benefit the Region Stephen Lande 21/08/08

President Jagdeo briefs sugar workers, officials on EPA 21/08/08

Breaking the begging bowl Anthony Wilson, 21/08/08

T&T to sign EPA 21/08/08

EU denies EPA signing postponed 21/08/08

CPDC welcomes leaders’ EPA signing delay 20/08/08

Barbados signing on 20/08/08

Barbados proceeding with signing 20/08/08

EPA: how many on board? Rickey Singh 20/08/08

Joint Declaration on the Single Economy and Political Integration by Four Caricom States

St Lucia to delay EPA signing CMC 19/08/08

Kenya fears over EPA 17/08/08

SADC NGOs protest EPA 19/08/08

Opposition UNC in Trinidad and Tobago calls for full EPA review 18/08/08

Trinidad and Tobago government reviewing EPA 18/08/08

EPA: for whose benefit? Sir Ronald Sanders 17/08/08

T&T, Jamaica abandoning Caricom? Dennis Pantin 17/08/08

Non-tariff barriers in the EPA Clive Thomas 17/08/08

Cameroon’s EPA: a ‘monumental error’ 15/08/08

Law of Treaties and the EPA Kasala Kamara 13/08/08

Let them eat croissants! John Maxwell 10/08/08

BMA calls on gov’t to reconsider EPA 6/08/08

Caribbean getting a raw deal with EPA 7/08/08

EPA’s impact on Barbados will be tremendous 7/08/08

Region will sign agreement, despite reservations 7/08/08

Bad deal – they failed us 7/08/08

Caribbean ready to sign, but seeking options Peter Richards 10/08/08

EPA ‘on hold’ for Grenada Rickey Singh 10/08/08

Jamaican Trade Unions urge gov’t to postpone EPA signing 7/08/08

How the EPA can rule out the CSME Rickey Singh 6/8/08

The deal is good, so sign–British tells Carib of EPA 1/08/08

Call for Bahamas PM to address EPA 30/07/08

Sept 2 signing of the EPA now uncertain Rickey Singh 30/07/08

New date, new thinking on the EPA 29/07/08

Antigua PM embraces concerns about the EPA 28/07/08

Haitian Social Movements ask for Parliamentary audience on the EPA 28/07/08

EU ‘Rushing’ EPAs lest African states change their minds IPS 28/07/08

Jamaica’s Foreign Minister on EPA ‘Most Favoured Nation’ Clause Ken Baugh 27/7/08

Ramphal: It’s not too late for region to pull out of the EPA 25/07/08

Petition seeks revised EPA 24/07/08

Legal commentary-unfair trade practices and the EPA Roxanne Miller 24/07/08

Ramphal urges region to renegotiate the EPA CMC, 24/07/08

ST LUCIA–Opposition takes issue with PM over EPA CMC, 23/07/08

TRINIDAD–Opposition wants more consultation on EPA CMC, 23/07/08

Time for action on the EPA 24/07/08

Regional NGOs campaign for EPA renegotiation 22/07/08

Caribbean review of EPA deal? Sir Ronald Sanders 21/07/08

Caribbean leaders and the EPA 21/07/08

Who benefits from EPAs? Yash Tandon June 2008

Real and Hidden Costs of EPAs Liz Dodds June 2008

Chronology: CARIFORUM/EPA Agreement20/07/08

Evidence compelling Caribbean review of EU agreement–Sir Ronald Sanders 18/07/08

Guyana wants an EPA that can be championed 18/07/08

Facing the EPA challenge 18/07/08

‘A lethal blow’ – ACP Statement on EC proposal re bananas 17/07/08

Taubira Report and French Presidency reaction Trade Negotiations Insights, July-August 2008

BANGO petitioning for a better EPA deal 16/07/08

Paul Moss supports EPA online petition Nassau Guardian, 16/07/08

Seaga: little hope for CSME, EPA 16/07/08

Is the EPA a recipe for disaster? Edward Seaga 16/07/08

EU Parliamentarians demand greater flexibility in EPAs 14/07/08

Caricom call for UK support for EPA review 15/07/08

ACP Statement on Bananas 14/07/08

EPA–another failure in the making Edward Seaga. Sunday Gleaner, 13/07/08

Mendicancy revisited Robert Buddan. Sunday Gleaner, 13/07/08

Will Caricom check the French report? Rickey Singh, Sunday Chronicle, 13/07/08

How would opponents of the EPA have achieved what they wanted? Clinton Urling, Stabroek News, 13/07/08

Saga of deal with Europe Rickey Singh. Sunday Observer, 13/07/08

Guyana begins public talks on the EPA Radio Jamaica 11/07/08

What will President Jagdeo do if his consultations reveal dissatisfaction? Clinton Urling, Stabroek News, 11/07/08

Stop the EU taking the Caribbean for a ride Sir Ronald Sanders. BBC Caribbean, 10/07/08

French report condemns EPAs as anti-development IPS via Manchester Trade Ltd., 7/07/08

Nobel economist Stiglitz criticizes EPA Ghana Home Page, 8/07/08

Funds must be put on the table’ – Why Nigeria Refused to Sign EPA Leadership Nigeria 8/07/08

Urgent note on EPA Rickey Singh, Trinidad Express, 9/07/08

Let’s sign the EPA with or without President Jagdeo Jamaica Observer 9/07/08

The Jamaica Observer shows little concern for Caribbean integration Prem Misir. Guyana Chronicle, 11/07/08

Extract from Caricom Communique on EPA Signing postponed to 30 July or 30 August

Guyana holds out on trade deal with Europe IPS, 7/07/08

President Jagdeo’s speech at the opening the 29th Caricom Summit. 2/07/08

Changing political mood about trade liberalization among small states David Jessop. Stabroek News, 6/07/08

Hylton wants MFN clause in the EPA amended Jamaica Observer, 5/07/08

Caribbean leaders to review EPA BBC Caribbean, 4/07/08

Caricom seeks common position on the EPA Antigua Sun, 4/07/08

Caricom leaders to formulate position on EPA CANA News, 3/07/08

CCL recommendation on the EPA and its social and labour Dimensions. Stabroek News, 30/06/08


A lack of coherence Stabroek News, 24/07/08

Variable geometry in Caricom Stabroek News 11/07/08

A declaration that rings hollow Jamaica Gleaner, 9/07/08

Caricom’s latest conclusions Stabroek News, 8/07/08

Caribbean integration must be more ‘people-centred’-PNCR Stabroek News, 7/07/08

Keeping faith with Caricom Jamaica Observer, 7/07/08

Caribbean ‘lost’ 30 years–Lamming Barbados Nation, 5/07/08

What Caricom did next Debbie Ransome, BBC Caribbean, 5/07/08

Migrant issues delay implementation of the CSME Antigua Star 5/07/08

CSME 2015 target date for inauguration put off–Rickey Singh Trinidad Express, 4/07/08

Europe: accusations and discord mark power handover. Financial Times, 2/07/08

George Lamming on Caricom’s disconnect. BBC Caribbean 2/07/08

Prime Minister Golding’s speech at the opening of the 29th Caricom Summit. Jamaica Information Service, 2/07/08

Caricom: Regional Unity Losing Steam, Critics Say. Manchester Trade Ltd. 30/06/08

What future for Caricom? BBC Caribbean, (Updated)

Caricom: Reform Governance or Disintegrate Cana News, 30/06/08


Region to benefit from EPA Agreement Jamaica Information Service, 30/06/08

Caricom’s conflicting signals. Rickey Singh, Jamaica Observer, 29/06/08

Jamaica Must be First in Line to Take Advantage of EPA– Dr. Baugh Jamaica Information Service, 27/06/08

EPA: Caribbean still divided on treaty. BBC Caribbean, 27/06/08

ACP-EU TRADE Newsletter, June 2008

New trade minister, St Lucia’s position on EPA shifts? St Lucia Star, 26/06/08

PNP opposes EPA clause Jamaica Gleaner, 26/06/08

Barbados on the EPA Barbados Advocate, 26/06/08

Sinkler: EPA signing in July Barbados Nation News, 26/06/08

EPA under Cabinet’s eye Barbados Advocate 18/06/08

Some Interim EPAs may not be concluded IPS, 17/06/08

Private sector opportunties under the EPA.But President Jagdeo reiterates his opposition. Stabroek News, 3/06/08.

SINKLER: EPA BEST DEAL IN 30 YEARS Barbados Nation News, 2/06/8

BAHAMAS PROTESTORS SAY NO TO EPA Viraj Perpall, Bahama Journal (29/05/08)

Caribbean EPA no ease for European travel. David Jessop Jamaica Gleaner, (18/05/08)

‘Wrong Train’ Ian McDonald Stabroek News (/05/08)

Signing of EPA with Europe delayed. Rickey Singh Jamaica Observer (15/04/08)

EPAs under scathing attack in Africa Third World Network, (13/05/08)

Bernal defends EPA Jamaica Gleaner, (13/05/08

EPA to be signed in July Jamaica Gleaner (12/05/08)

Pacific trade ministers slam top EU trade official (18/04/08)

A disservice to the Caribbean (Jamaica Observer, 18/04/08)

” A disservice to the Caribbean, indeed“. Alissa Trotz, Stabroek News, (21/04/08)

Think twice about the EPA, says Marshall. Barbados Nation (23/04/08)

‘There is still room for negotiation on the EPA’ Prime Minister David Thompson of Barbados (15/04/08).

Scholars charged to speak real, non-diplomatic’ truth to power. Jamaica Observer, (29/03/08)

‘We will live to regret it’. Jamaica Observer, (30/03/08)

EPAs: A ‘partnership of equals’? ODI Working Paper, (March 2008)

EPA, don’t keep us in the dark Editorial, Trinidad Business Express, (19/03/08

Regional Experts unhappy with EPA ‘secret document’, Trinidad Business Express, (19/03/08).

Re-negotiate EPA: a very optimistic approach. Elaine Campbell, Jamaica Observer, (15/03/08)

Caricom Heads Communique on EPA (8/03/08)

The message is implementation-David Jessop. Stabroek News (16/03/08)

EPA signing delayed-Golding Radio Jamaica (9/o3/o8)

EPA is best trade pact for now’ – Bernal Jamaica Gleaner (26/02/08)

Comments on the Cariforum-EC EPA–Dr Lorand Bartels, Trade Lawyer. (13/02/08)

COTED decides on independent review of EPA. Stabroek News, (26/01/08)

Review Agreement before Signing’ – Anthony Hylton Jamaica Gleaner, (14/01/08)

EPA: The Opposition’s viewpoint. Jamaica Gleaner, (30/03/08)

Central American leaders oppose preconditions for EU talks, (13/03/08)

EPAs: Opportunities and Risks (IPS)

TRADE-AFRICA: “EPAs Are not About Partnership IPS, (25/02/08)

EPA: Boon or Burden? Selwyn Ryan, 24/02/08

Barbados has concerns over EPA with EU (Jamaica Gleaner, 22/02/08)

EPA Madness Anthony Wilson Trinidad Business Guardian, 21/02/08

EPA: Unifying or Divisive? Peter Richards, Trinidad Business Guardian (21/02/08)

Caribbean: Fissures Appear Over EU Trade Deal IPS, (21/02/08)

Crime, Cricket, Ties with the EU Rickey Singh, Jamaica Observer, (17/02/08)

Economic Partnership Agreement: Struggles on the periphery? Wesley Gibbings, Business Guardian, (14/02/08)

Grappling with EPA doubts Nation News (12/02/08)

AU Declaration on EPAs (11/02/08)

Caricom’s divide over the EPA Rickey Singh, Jamaica Observer, (10/02/08)

Response to Professor Clive Thomas Richard Bernal, Staboroek News, 10/02/08

Were you consulted on the EPA? Dennis Pantin Sunday Guardian 10/02/08

ANC MP accuses EU of ‘recolonising’ Africa, (7/02/08)

A new Caricom-United States Trade Agreement Stabroek News, (6/02/08)

EU Stands to Increase Market Share in Africa with EPAs, Julio Godoy, IPS, 26/01/08

EU clamps down on Nigerian cocoa (, 25/01/08)

Guyana and the Wider World Clive Thomas (Stabroek News, 20/01/08)

Report of the Cotonou Monitoring Group

EPA ‘A Good Deal’ – Prime Minister Golding (Jamaica Information Service, 1/02/08)

Golding Slams EPA Critics, Says They Suffer from Mendicancy Financial Gleaner, (1/02/08)

Well said, Mr. Golding’ Daily Gleaner, (4/02/08)

Caribbean Leaders at LoggerheadsSearchlight, St Vincent, (1/02/08)

African Union takes decision on EPAs (Afrol News 1/02/08)

Consultant chides private sector for EPA non-involvement (Nation News, Barbados, 30/01/08)

Government Intends to Review EPA Before Signing (Barbados Advocate)

COTED decides on independent review of the EPA Stabroek News, 26/01/08

EU Stands to Increase Market Share in Africa with EPAs – Julio Godoy. IPS, 26/01/08

Peter Mandelson’s Speech to the European Parliamentary Committee–EC, 28/01/02

Africa Stuck with EU Trade Deals(IPS, 29/01/08)

‘A Partnership We Could Not Refuse’ Ian MacDonald, Staobroek News, 27/01/08

Africa to push for revision of trade deals with Europe (Business Daily Nairobi

Caribbean Citizens Call For Review of the EPA 20/01/08


Girvan: EPA threatens CSME. Ian Gooding. Trinidad Gaurdian, 18/01/08

EPA: No Escape from External Competition David Jessop, 13/01/08

The Caribbean lost in negotiations with Europe – Jagdeo Stabroek News, 6/01/08

EPA ‘A Basket to Carrry Water’ Anthony Gomes, Jamaica Observer, 23/011/07