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Secret documents declassified on Friday (October 14 2011) by MI5 reveal in detail how in 1953 the UK under prime minister Winston Churchill overthrew the elected government of British Guiana – now Guyana – because he feared its leftwing leader and his American wife would lead the British colony into the arms of the Soviet Union. The documents reveal how British spies kept up intense scrutiny on Cheddi Jagan and his wife Janet, who together founded the People’s Progressive party (PPP) to campaign for workers’ rights and independence from British rule for the sugar-producing colony in northern South America…


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‘Born in Treachery’: Imperial Intrigue and the Origins of Independent Guyana, BBC

Declassified Colonial Office documents reveal the extent of British duplicity, American hypocrisy and the naivety of a militantly anti-colonial leader who nevertheless trusted in British justice; in bringing British Guiana to ‘Independence’ in 1966. This textbook lesson in imperial intrigue and machination should be required listening for every Caribbean student.

See also The ‘New Frontier’ of Empire in the Caribbean: The Transfer of Power in British Guiana, 1981-1964, by Cary Fraser