Caribbean Political Economy

Reinventing the CSME

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The CSME has been a failure because it is a borrowed model of integration known as Open Regionalism, which is an imperfectly designed instrument to boost the development of Caricom economies.


Does Caribbean economic integration have a future? (Video), Norman Girvan

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Does Caribbean integration have a future? Whichever configuration of the Caribbean we talk about, an economically integrated region seems to be remote. The only areas of relatively successful regional integration are functional cooperation; intra-Caribbean migration, and cultural intercourse.

 Click here   for video of address and discussion


Colonialism and Neo-colonialism in the Caribbean: An Overview, Norman Girvan

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Prepared For IV International Seminar Africa, The Caribbean And Latin America, St. Vincent And The Grenadines, 24th- 26th November, 2012.

The contemporary Caribbean is one of the most politically fragmented regions for its size on earth; and one with the strongest remaining colonial presence… (but) slowly but surely, a pan-Caribbean consciousness is emerging, led by the vision of cultural practitioners; and containing the seeds of a future Caribbean nation….

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Quo Vadis, Caricom? Kenny Anthony

The current chairman of Caricom, Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony of St Lucia, has added his voice to those calling for breathing new life into an institution  widely perceived to be comatose. In a recent speech in Barbados, he is saying that the region is facing its greatest crisis since Independence and that its  institutions have not kept up with the times. But where is the action plan? Who will lead it?

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Restoring Export-Led Growth in the Caribbean, Victor Bulmer-Thomas

Keynote address at an IMF/CDB Forum held n Port of Spain, Trinidad, September 4-5 2012. The author is Professor Emeritus at London University.

These are troubled times for the Caribbean. Many countries are struggling to increase income per head, debt to GDP levels are dangerously high and regional integration appears to have run out of steam…

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View the slides for this address at Restoring Export-Led Growth in the Caribbean.


Divided by water; together by culture, this video tribute to all the Olympians from the Caribbean archipelago will bring pride and inspiration to everyone who watches it.

Watch Caribbean Swagga!

Caribbean integration: can cultural production succeed where politics and economics have failed? (Confessions of a Wayward Economist), Norman Girvan

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Presentation at a Colloquium on ‘The Caribbean That Unites Us’ in Santiago de Cuba, 5 July 2012. Revised version of St Martin Book Fair Presentation by the same name.

One of the beautiful things about events like this Festival del Caribe is the continual discovery that the things that unite us, as Caribbean people, are far more powerful than those that divide us. The barriers of language and political status virtually evaporate in the heat of music, dance and shared rituals…


Labouring In The Vineyard, Ralph Gonsalves

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Book Review of Sir Shridath Ramphal’s Collected Counsel, CARIBBEAN CHALLENGES, 2012

In the volume under review, Sir Shridath provides counsel in thirteen essays and speeches covering a range of subjects.. with one central focus: the impact of it all on the deepening of the process of regional integration in the interest of the Caribbean..


A Caribbean Integration Party and New Federalism, Jon

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Responding to Tennyson Joseph’s paper and comments, this contributor argues that a Caribbean Integration Party should take the form of a social movement. He goes on to outline a radically different structure for a new West Indian federation to make it both representative and effective.


Towards a New Democracy and a New Independence, Tennyson Joseph


Tennyson Joseph, who teaches Political Science at the UWI in Barbados, has outlined a programme for “the Second Independence Revolution”,   in an address to the Common Sense Convois of the Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies held recently.

It is now fifty years since the first English-Speaking Caribbean states attained independence. To many of us, these have been fifty years of marking time, trial and error, false starts, and dashed expectations, with some successes but more disappointments…

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Turning Around CARICOM, The Landell Mills Report

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CARICOM is in crisis. This is for three reasons….the crisis is sufficiently real to put the very existence of CARICOM in question…

Access Report (CARICOM Website)

CARICOM Communiqué: Cold Comfort? Norman Girvan

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The Communiqué issued by Caricom leaders,   at the close of their 23rd Intersessional meeting on March 8-9 offers few clues on the decisive action needed to salvage the regional project called for by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in his pre-Summit letter to fellow heads and by the Consultants’ report on the reform of the Secrertariat. Readers are invited to check out the document for themselves and to come to their own conclusion.

Read the Communiqué

CARICOM: Ambition + Inaction = Failure, Sir Ronald Sanders

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A recent statement by the Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Irwin La Rocque, that the region has been “overly ambitious in its integration targets”, coming from the person who is expected to drive the regional integration process, is cause for disappointment..

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Cari-Crisis–Again, Norman Girvan


“Crisis” is one of those words that is used so much that it has practically lost its meaning. And if there were a competition among regional organisations on which of them was most often said to be “in crisis”, my bet would be on Caricom winning by a wide margin…

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Imagine a leader leading Sir Ronald Sanders

Prime Minister Gonsalves’ Letter to Secretary General LaRocque Feb 2012

The “deficit crisis’ facing Caricom Nation Editorial

The Caribbean and Cuba: Cuba and the Caribbean–Reflection, Norman Girvan

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Remarks at a Panel Discussion at the Havana International Book Fair, February 11, 2012

Over the past 50 years or so there has been a noticeable growth of a ‘Caribbean consciousness’ within the Anglophone Caribbean, encompasseing key countries of the wider Caribbean; including Cuba…My question for my Cuban colleagues is this: how does this square with the Cuban ‘conception of self’? Does Cuba accept the notion of a ‘Caribbean family’ to which it belongs?…

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Haga clic aquí­ para,   , ¿Está el Caribe más lejos de Cuba de lo que Cuba está del Caribe? (Versión en español)

Cliquez ici pour la version franí§ais La Caraí¯be et Cuba : Cuba et la Caraí¯be Une réflexion

The Common Sense Convois, Lloyd Best Institute

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The Lloyd Best Institute has announced the ‘Common Sense Convois’ to be held in Trinidad and Tobago March 18-25 2012, ‘a civic intervention designed to influence the shape of the next 50 years of the Caribbean and to network the region in a common conversation about the Caribbean and its future’.

More information

The Way Forward for the Caribbean, Michael Witter

Also published in Stabroek News 2 January 2012

The generation of young Caribbean adults who did not live under colonialism, nor the dictatorships of Batista and Duvalier, must play a leading role in the re-thinking of our region and its identity. It must be a collective reflection on many levels: regionally, nationally,,   locally, and across generations…


Time to Revisit the West Indian Commission! People’s Empowerment Party

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The Peoples Empowerment Party (PEP) embraces the year 2012 as an opportunity for the Barbadian and Caribbean people to “take a fresh guard” in relation to both their individual island nation building projects and to their collective multi-territory Caribbean Community project…


The Word is Love: Michael Manley Documentary Film, Richard Audley Vaughan

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A new documentary on the life of internationally renowned fourth Prime Minister of Jamaica Michael Manley is to to be released online on January 10, 2012; with the official website being launched on Friday December 30, 2011 …

Click here for more information

Also watch Five Michael Manley Videos of the 1970s

And read Michael Manley–A Personal Perspective Norman Girvan

ALBA Research Scholarships on Culture and Critical Theory

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Construction Of Inclusive, Culturally Diverse And Environmentally Responsible Societies In Latin America And The Caribbean

Call For Applications For Research Funding From The ALBA Cultural Fund

The ALBA Cultural Fund has issued a call for applications for funding of research projects on the building of inclusive, culturally diverse and environmentally responsible societies in Latin America and the Caribbean; with an emphasis on projects that generate theory from a critical analysis of the realities of the region. Researchers may be from both ALBA and non-ALBA member countries. Applications for research grants of up to $5,000 will be considered. Details are provided in the attached documents. For further information contact Ambassador Joan Underwoo,Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Antigua and Barbuda. email
It is important that scholars from the English,Dutch and French speaking Caribbean are adequately represented in ths research. Please pass this information on to others.

ALBA Cultural Research Call For Applications

Antigua and Barbuda

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