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70th Birthday Tribute To Walter Rodney, Tendai Mwari

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In this tribute published in Black World Events, Tendai Mwari traces the career of Walter Rodney, renowned Guyanese revolutionary and scholar, author of the pathbreaking book How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, who was assassinated in Guyana in June 1980. Walter would have turned 70 on March 23, 2012.

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Lloyd Best lectures on Caribbean Civilisation (Video)

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Rare footage of the brilliant Caribbean economist, social theorist and phliosopher, the late Lloyd Best, in a lecture on Caribbean civilisation delivered at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, in 2003 and available on-line from the College’s digital archive.

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Part 2

ALBA Research Scholarships on Culture and Critical Theory

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Construction Of Inclusive, Culturally Diverse And Environmentally Responsible Societies In Latin America And The Caribbean

Call For Applications For Research Funding From The ALBA Cultural Fund

The ALBA Cultural Fund has issued a call for applications for funding of research projects on the building of inclusive, culturally diverse and environmentally responsible societies in Latin America and the Caribbean; with an emphasis on projects that generate theory from a critical analysis of the realities of the region. Researchers may be from both ALBA and non-ALBA member countries. Applications for research grants of up to $5,000 will be considered. Details are provided in the attached documents. For further information contact Ambassador Joan Underwoo,Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Antigua and Barbuda. email
It is important that scholars from the English,Dutch and French speaking Caribbean are adequately represented in ths research. Please pass this information on to others.

ALBA Cultural Research Call For Applications

Antigua and Barbuda

Commemorating Dr Eric E Williams at 100, Peter Jordens

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This booklet, illustrated with photographs, presents 41 articles that appeared online in 2011, containing news and commentary by several authors on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth and the 30th anniversary of the death of Dr Eric Eustace Williams (1911-1981), noted Trinbagonian and Caribbean visionary, leader, statesman, prime minister, scholar, and teacher. It was compiled as a tribute to Dr Williams by Peter Jordens, economist and scholar of Caribbean affairs from Curacao.

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‘A Field of Ideas’: The New World Group and Guyana in the 1960s, Nigel Westmaas

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From Stabroek News, Sunday June 26, 2011

The New World, the inspiration of Lloyd Best in 1957, was a loosely organized grouping of intellectuals, educators, cultural workers, writers and activists mainly from the Anglophone Caribbean or with Caribbean origins and interests…

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Barry Chevannes, 1940-2010

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The passing of Professor Barry Chevannes, outstanding Caribbean anthropologist, leading scholar of Rastafari, artiste and social activist, has elicited an outpouring of tributes from all quarters in his native Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

Chevannes Commission: Decriminalise Ganja – Jamaican Prime Minister: Serious Foreign Policy Implications

Professor Barry Chevannes awarded posthumous Order of Jamaica

Musical tributes flow for Barry Chevannes

Measure of a Man–Professor Barry Chevannes Clyde McKenzie

Barry Chevannes, God’s Gentle Activist Jean Lowrie-Chin

Passing of Prof Chevannes Jamaica Gleaner

Shock at Prof Chevannes’s sudden passing Jamaica Observer

Farewell Beautiful Spirit Jamaica Observer

Goodbye, my Mentor and Friend Hume Johnson

Long Live Independent Thought! Reflections on ‘The Thought of New World’

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The Thought of New World, edited by Brian Meeks and Norman Girvan, was launched on October 1st and 14th 2010 at the UWI Mona and St Augustine.We publish here the reviews and remarks by by Michael Witter,,   Annita Montoute and Norman Girvan at the two launchings;,   and an open letter to the co-editors from James Millette with the responses from Brian and Norman.

Click here for,  Long Live Independent Thought! Reflections by Norman Girvan

Haga click aquí­ para , ¡Viva el pensamiento independiente! (versión en español)

Cliquez ici pour,  ,  Vive la pensée indépendante ! (la version franí§aise)

Click here for,  Towards a New Ferment, review by Michael Witter

Click here for,   Reflections by Annita Montoute

Click here for,  Open Letter from James Millette and exchanges with Brian and Norman

The Story of Plantation Economy, Kari Polanyi Levitt

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Or why every school child in the English speaking Caribbean should be taken to see the Citadel in Cap Haitien

Response on the occasion of a book launch of Essays on the Theory of Plantation Economy: A Historical and Institutional Approach to Caribbean Economic Development, by Lloyd Best and Kari Polanyi Levitt.

It is exceptional for a book to take 45 years from its conception in 1964 to its publication in 2009. Plantation economy was conceived in the university flats on St John’s Road in St Augustine, over a long weekend of brainstorming between myself, Lloyd, and Alistair McIntyre, who came by as often as his duties in the university permitted...

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Theory of Plantation Economy Celebrated, Bryan Khan

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Essays on the Theory of Platation Economy, by Lloyd Best and Kari Polanyi Levitt, (University of the West Indies Press, 2009) was recently launched at an event on the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies. Present among the large gathering was co-author Kari Polanyi Levitt, Emerita Professor of Economics at McGill Universty, who recently received an Honorary Doctorate from the U.W.I. Reproduced here are the remarks by Bryan Khan, a recent economics graduate of the U.W.I., St Augustine.

On February 25th 2010, the University of the West Indies celebrated the launch of the much anticipated – Essays On The Theory of Plantation Economy – by Lloyd Best and Kari Levitt. This publication, some four decades in the making, marks a distinct moment in the timeline of Caribbean academia..

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Windmills Of The Mind, Mervyn Claxton


I decided to wait until all the comments on my paper Port of Spain Declaration: A Critical Analysis were posted before making a global response. Four comments were received – those by Norman and Yash in this exchange and two others – by Wendy Lee and Margaret Gill – (Wendy’s contribution is posted on the website, Margaret’s is not) in two separate, parallel e-mail exchanges. Notwithstanding the several important points made by Norman and Yash (which I discuss below), it is my opinion that only Wendy’s and Margaret’s contribution grasped the essential issue involved – sustainable development.

Wendy posed the crucially important question “How can we get decision-makers to absorb and act on the information that is so readily available about sustainable development IMPERATIVES, including critical ecological requirements, instead of pursuing the same old false, unjust and unsustainable models?” Margaret identified another key aspect (one that I explored in the paper) – how do we inform and educate the Caricom public on that essential issue.

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Whither ACE? Norman Girvan

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A retrospective evaluation of nine years of the Association of Caribbean Economists prepared for an ACE retreat in June 1996.

ACE the Association of Caribbean Economists was founded in the mid 1980s, at the height of the neoliberal resurgence . ACE’s founding mission was to critique structural adjustment, and to formulate alternative, people oriented development strategies for the Caribbean. Pan Caribbean cooperation across language areas and political systems/status would be a means to this end..

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