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Debating Cuba-Caribbean, Esteban Morales, Norman Girvan

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Do Cubans see themselves as part of a Caribbean family? Are there historical, social and cultural reasons for a ‘Caribbean Cuba’ and how does the Caribbean appear in the Cuban imaginary? How is this conditioned by attitudes to race in Cuban society? A conversation taking place within Cuba and between Cuban and Anglo-Caribbean scholars…

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Forty Years of Cuba-CARICOM Friendship and Cooperation

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December 8 2012 marks the fortieth anniversary of the day when four independent states of the Commonwealth Caribbean, in defiance of the hemispheric hegemon, opened full diplomatic relations with Cuba. Today all of CARICOM maintains close ties of friendship and cooperation with the sister republic, which continues to maintain its revolutionary project in spite of a US-imposed blockade which has been repeatedly condemned by the overwhelming majority of the world community. A selection of items from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Cuba commemorating the 40th anniversary.

Jamaica, Cuba celebrate forty years of friendship YesCuba

Citation to the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples Jamaican Network in Solidarity with Cuba

Forty years of cooperation Humberto Rosario Trinidad Express

Sandy solidarity to Cuba from UWI students Milagros Martinez

Scholarships to the Daughters of Nanny and to the Sons of Cudjoe and of Tacky, Dellie-Ann Antoinette Green

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Vote of Thanks delivered on behalf of Jamaican Medical Scholarship Awardees (2012) at The Embassy of The Republic of Cuba in Jamaica, June 8, 2012. Reprinted from YESCuba Newsletter of the Jamaican Youth and Elders in Solidarity with Cuba, June 9, 2012

It is, indeed, a signal honour for me to have been invited to move this vote of thanks. “Thank you” could be said as simply and as easily as this: “THANK YOU.” But might this not be rude? Would this not be an instance of brevity being most inappropriate? On the other hand, I could choose to be boring and insensitive to this wonderful audience and deliver an hour-long diatribe..

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The Caribbean and Cuba: Cuba and the Caribbean–Reflection, Norman Girvan

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Remarks at a Panel Discussion at the Havana International Book Fair, February 11, 2012

Over the past 50 years or so there has been a noticeable growth of a ‘Caribbean consciousness’ within the Anglophone Caribbean, encompasseing key countries of the wider Caribbean; including Cuba…My question for my Cuban colleagues is this: how does this square with the Cuban ‘conception of self’? Does Cuba accept the notion of a ‘Caribbean family’ to which it belongs?…

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Haga clic aquí­ para,   , ¿Está el Caribe más lejos de Cuba de lo que Cuba está del Caribe? (Versión en español)

Cliquez ici pour la version franí§ais La Caraí¯be et Cuba : Cuba et la Caraí¯be Une réflexion

Caribbean Narco-Triangle: The US-Cuba-Jamaica Connection, Norman Girvan


Among the most fascinating documents to come out of the WikiLeaks revelations is a cable allegedly sent by the head of the US Interests Section in Havana, Jonathan Farrar, on August 11, 2009. The document is a virtual diplomatic bombshell. It could prove a source of embarrassment to all three governments concerned–the U.S., the Cuban and the Jamaican…

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2o letters of protest from Cuba from 2006 to 2009–Jamaica Security Minister The Gleaner

Offical Statement from the Government of Jamaica on the WikiLeaked cable

The statement confirms there there were complaints from Cuba in 2009; and reports on actions taken by the Jamaican Government in response.

Cuba blasts US–dismisses Wikileaks cables Jamaica Observer

“Cuba’s dissatisfaction is with the United States, which is the world’s largest drug consumer and an important centre for money laundering, stemming from drug trafficking,” Ambassador Gala told the Observer.

US tried to discredit Cuban eye care in Jamaica, WikiLeaks cable reveals Jamaica Observer

US diplomatic staff in Cuba are said to have looked for “human interest stories and other news that shatters the myth of Cuban medical prowess, which has become a key feature of the regime’s foreign policy and its self-congratulatory propaganda.”

Jamaica, U.S. Lawmen, bring down international drig ring The Gleaner

More WikiLeaks on Cuba at Progreso Weekly

Caribbean Citizens Appeal for Release of the Cuban Five, Norman Girvan

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On the 34th Anniversary of the bombing of a Cubana airlines plane off the coast of Barbados by a Miami-based terrorist group, killing 73 innocent people, several Caribbean citizens have joined their voices to the outcry over the unjustified incarceration of the ‘Cuban Five’ by the United States, in a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama. Supporters of this appeal may add their voices by submitting a message in the Comments box below.

Norman Girvan, Professor, University of the West Indies
Joan French, Development Expert and Gender SpecialistSenator David Abdulah, President, Federation of Independent Trade Unions and NGOs (FITUN)
Ancel Roget, President General, Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union
Joseph Remy, President, Communications Workers’ Union
Shridath Ramphal, Chancellor Emeritus, University of the West Indies
Alissa Trotz, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Havelock Brewster, Hon. Professor, University of the West Indies.
Richard Crawford, Jamaicans United for Sustainable Development
Mervyn Claxton, retired international civil servant
Raffique Shah, journalist, Trinidad & Tobago.
Russell Bell, Russell Bell, Kingston, Jamaica, Educator,Editor of YESCuba, Author of the book “The Story of the Five Cuban Heroes”
Camille Chalmers, Haiti, Chairman, Haitian Platform for Development Alternatives
Reginald Dumas, Former Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago to the USA and Former Permanent Representative to the OAS


Amnesty International Seeks Review of Case of the ‘Cuban Five’

New pleas for US to free the ‘Cuban Five‘ Rickey Singh

More Caribbean Citizens Demand Release of Cuban Five

A similar letter to the U.S. President demanding the release of the Cuban Five has been sent over the signature of 25 other Caribbean citizens.

Open Letter from the Cuban-Barbadian Friendship Association to President Barack Obama on the Cuban Five

Information on the case of the Cuban Five

Report of the United Nations Human Rights Commission on the Cuban Five,

Nobel Laureates call for release of Cuban Five

Resolution of the National Lawyers Guild of the United State on the Cuban Five

Members of the European Parliament and several national parliaments call for release of Cuban five

Danny,  Glover, Ed Asner and other prominent American actors and writers appeal to,  President Obama on the case of the Cuban Five

Professor Keith Ellis: A Source of Inspiration, Russell Bell

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Keith Ellis grew up in a small district in St. Mary, Jamaica; attended Calabar High School in Kingston and today is Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto. He is the author or editor of eighteen books and some one hundred articles published in all the top journals in his field of Spanish American literature and culture. He is the (i) first Jamaican to receive the Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Havana (ii) first black person to be elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, a group of the top professors in the country, elected by their peers (iii) recipient of The Award for Excellence in Academia bestowed upon him in 2004 by the Association of Black Students and Alumni of the University of Toronto and (iv) recipient of the Dulce Marí­a Loynaz International Prize for contribution to literary studies and understanding of and support for Cuba, given by UNEAC (The Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba). He is also a long-standing, active defender of the Cuban revolution.

Professor Ellis was recently interviewed by Russell Bell for YESCuba, the Newsletter of Jamaican Youth and Elders in Solidarity with Cuba. The interviews, with selected extracts, are published below. YESCuba is asking for your help in distribution to all your friends, colleagues and especially young Caribbeans at home and abroad.

From Part 1 (Click here for interview)

“We have to aim for unity in ways that are innovative…”The multiparty system is an obstacle to our identifying the core issues that affect our common development and it is a convenience for those outside forces that are known to ruthlessly further their interests by exacerbating divisions…”
“I believe that more room should be given to tenderness and the nurturing of uplifting cultural activity. That has to be within the framework of a social and political system that channels our human and material resources to the common benefit of our people…”

From Part 2 (Click here for interview)

“… many blacks are seeing themselves as vicarious occupants of the White House and have lost sight of the imperialist objectives of the Obama administration…”

From Part 3 (Click here for interview)

“…there is a vibrant spirit among our young people, a curiosity about the world, a confidence that they are equal to everybody else and to every possible task, displayed both in their academic achievements and in their sporting achievements; these qualities augur well for the overcoming of obstacles….”…that alienating tutelage that surreptitiously continues to guide our institutional and social life-these are all barriers in the way of our youth…”