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To the governments and organizations gathered in Montreal on Haiti

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This not the first time we have watched the international community make pledges of cooperation and assistance to Haiti. We are concerned, as organizations and social movements and on the basis of permanent contact and consultation with our partners there, that the international response be coordinated on the basis of respect for their sovereignty and in full accordance with the needs and demands of the Haitian people…

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Letter to CARICOM representative to the Montreal Conference on Haitian Relief


A list of 178 signatories is appended to this letter

The international community, as a donor to Haiti over more than two decades, also bears responsibility for ill-conceived and poorly-conducted development, political interference, and unfulfilled promises in Haiti. On this occasion the reconstruction of the country should be carried out in a way that is effective and accountable to all Haitians and assigns to Haitians themselves the responsibility for identifying their immediate and long-term needs and for creating and strengthening the structures required..

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As published in the Trinidad Guardian, As published in the Jamaica Observer.

As published in Pambazuka News: Pan-African Voices for Freedom and Justice

For a Haiti Recovery Fund Financed by Taxes on Wall Street Bonuses, Jeffrey Sachs

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President Barack Obama has declared that the US will not forsake Haiti in its moment of agony. Honouring this commitment would be a first for Washington.To prevent a deepening spiral of death, the US will have to do things differently than in the past….

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