Caribbean Political Economy

The Arab Revolt And The Imperialist Counterattack, James Petras

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When the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia overthrew the public faces of the imperial-backed regimes in the region, it inspired supporters of popular democracy worldwide. However, as the Arab revolt spread from North Africa to the Gulf and deepened its demands, the Empire struck back…




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The system of international legal principles is the only mechanism that the smaller and less materially powerful nations of the world possess to protect them against the predatory intentions of large and powerful nations, and from the evil doctrine that “might makes right”. This resolution refers to the words of Article 2 (4) of the United Nations Charter, of UN Security Council,   Resolution 1973 of 17 March 2011 on Libya, and the United Nations General Assembly Declaration On Principles Of International Law – Resolution 2625 of 24th October 1970; and points to the actions of member states of NATO in Libya as constituting egregious breaches of the principles of international law deserving of international condemnation and investigation by the International Criminal Court.

Text of Caribbean People’s Resolution

Editorial: What now after Libya’s new rule? Barbados Nation

Libya’s Liberation Front Organizing in the Sahel Franklin Lamb, CounterPunch


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The execution of Gaddafi and the attempted humiliation of Africa Horace Campbell

The top ten myths in the war against Libya Maximilian C. Forte

How the West won LibyaPepe Escobar

NATO murdered Gaddafi Demba Moussa Dembélé

Musings on the death of Gaddafi Sokari Ekine

Caricom, Skerrit, on death of Gaddafi

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The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) said Monday the death of Colonel Muammar Abu Al Gaddafi marks the end of a painful and tumultuous chapter for the people of Libya who have endured a protracted conflict in that country over the past eight months…


Dominica’s Prime Minister Skerrit denounces Gadhafi’s killing

Geostrategic analysis of the US and NATO murder of Moammar Gaddafi, Bil Van Auken

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Oil, countering of Russian and Chinese influence, access to African resources, and the targeting of troublesome leaders and regimes, lie behind the Western-sponsored overthrow of the Libyan regime and murder of its leader. Syria, Iran and Venezuela are in the Western sights, and even Russia and China could be targets of imperial belligerence.

The savage killing Thursday of deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi served to underscore the criminal character of the war that has been prosecuted by the US and NATO over the past eight months. The assassination follows NATO’s more than month-long siege of Sirte, (which left) virtually every building smashed, with untold numbers of civilians dead, wounded and stricken by disease, as they were deprived of food, water, medical care and other basic necessities…


Statement on the death of Gaddafi, David Comissiong

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With every passing day the concepts of international morality and the rule of international law are being murdered in Libya! And so, if it turns out to be true that the British, French and American forces of NATO have finally succeeded in assassinating Libya’s Muammar Gadaffi – just as they have murdered thousands of his fellow citizens – this may well turn out to be the final nail in the coffin of the system of “international law”…


Death of Gaddafi, Horace Campbell


Gaddafi’s killing – with all the hallmarks of a ‘coordinated assassination’ – marks ‘one more episode in this NATO war in Libya and North Africa’, writes Horace Campbell. The ‘remilitarisation of Africa and new deployment of Africom is a new stage of African politics,’ says Campbell…


Chavez, Evo and Obama, Fidel Castro

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I take a break from the tasks that are occupying all of my time these days to dedicate a few words to the unique opportunity presented by the political science of the sixtieth session of the United Nations General Assembly…


Part 2

The Dark Side of American Exceptionalism Max J Castro

Libya – Whither The Rule Of International Law? Courtenay Barnett

Are we to have a world that is committed to peace and respect for the rule of international law; or one of unending and perpetual warfare where covert support for uprisings deemed to be in the interest of the US/NATO will increase, with concomitant global instability on a massive scale for most of humankind, as covert militarism becomes manifestly more blatant, outrageously illegal and overt?

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ALBA Declaration on Libya and Syria

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The Foreign Ministers of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, meeting in Caracas, Venezuela on 9 September 2011, recalling the Special Communiqué of the Political Council on 4 March 2011 and the Special Communiqué of the Ministerial Social Council on 19 March 2011, condemns the NATO intervention in Libya and its illegal military aggression, carried out under the cover of a UN Security Council resolution, opportunistically exploiting the situation of the internal political conflict in that country..


Pambazuka on Libya: Samir Amin, Lizzie Phelan, Horace Campbell, Mahmood Mamdani, India’s Volte-Face, Nicholas Tucker, Dibussi Tande, Amy Niang

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Libya could break up like Somalia

Samir Amin (2011-09-07)

The revolution in Libya, led by a motley group of democrats and Islamists and their imperialist allies, is likely to entrench the deep divisions in the country, writes Samir Amin, warning of the possibility of disintegration of the nation.

‘Free Tripoli’, just don’t mention the corpses

Lizzie Phelan (2011-09-07)

Following her experience of being on the ground in Tripoli, Lizzie Phelan writes of the Western media’s alarming ability ‘to not just fabricate events but to create’.

What does Gaddafi’s fall mean for Africa?

Mahmood Mamdani (2011-09-06)

Gaddafi’s fall points to more Western interventions to come in Africa, writes Mahmood Mamdani.

India’s volte-face on Libya: The secret mission


The recent Paris meet was a grim victory celebration by the NATO powers who wanted non-European poodles on the bandwagon, writes M.K. Bhadrakumar.

Libya: Insidious plunder, what else?

Nicholas H. Tucker (2011-09-07)

Though we might see events in Libya as a sort of twisted fantasy tale, their effects will be all too real for the country and Africa at large, writes Nicholas H. Tucker.

The war against Libya is criminal

Amy Niang (2011-09-07)

The NATO military campaign in Libya is a pointed example of imperialism as the last stage of capitalism, Amy Niang argues. It is a travesty of international law, whose goal is conquest of economic resources.

Libya: Hope, uncertainty and suspicion after Gaddafi

Dibussi Tande (2011-09-08)

Dibussi Tande captures the reaction to the fall of Gaddafi in this week’s round-up of the African blogosphere.

Slide show: Libyans Turn Wrath on Dark-Skinned Migrants, New York Times

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Jane Franklin writes:

I’m sending this September 5 front-page New York Times article, with pictures as best possible. NATO continues bombing “military” targets in “holdout” cities. How could it be clearer that NATO is not protecting the civilians of Libya? This is stark terror.

Art Heitzer writes:

Note: Jane Franklin specifically referenced that “The horrible tension … is palpable” in the photo which is slide no. 2 of 13, on line, and described in the 2nd last paragraph. The full article is (which also contains the link for the slide-show).

To see this incredible slide-show directly, click on:

The Global Crime of Being Black, BlackList

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We have received the following compilation from the BlackList via Cikiah Thomas. The header is ours.

Libyans turn wrath on dark-skinned migrants Art Heitzer, Jane Franklin and the New York Times

Libya: stop arbitrary arrests of Black Africans Human Rights Watch

Black Iraqis In Basra Face Racism : National Public Radio

New York City Police Department’s Stop And Frisk Program: Crime Or Race? Raj Lapsiwala, NYLS 2011

70% rise in number of black and Asian people stopped and searched The Guardian

Rise of ‘stop-and-frisk’ searches noted in major U.S. cities

Black Stop and Search Statistics in USA

Brazilian Crackdown: It’s Giuliani-time as Rio de Janeiro goes for the gold The Independent

The Racial Profiling Debate in Canada. Scot Wortley and Julian Tanner

US To Boycott World Conference Against Racism in September

Racist killings in Libya’s ‘regime change’ and Caricom’s mixed signals, Rickey Singh

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WHILE the warplanes of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) continue to facilitate the anti-Moammar Gadhafi rebel forces to take full control of Libya, there are increasing reports of racist killings and torture against black Africans accused of being mercenaries of the deposed Libyan president…



Statement by Cuba on the withdrawal of its diplomatic personnel from Libya

Cynthia McKinney’s Eyewitness Tour of Libya: a Cri de Coeur

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On today, the anniversary of the overthrow of King Idris in Libya, the neo-colonial powers met in France to continue their drive at the new carve-up of Africa…



Libya: Cynical Imperialism South Journal

How the West cooked up the “People’s Uprising” Russ Baker

The new Libya Patrick Cockburn

Libya’s revolution disgraced by racism Richard Seymour

Massacre of Black people by “democratic rebels’–accounts of the victims Michel Collon

NATO’s Rebel Forces, La Alborada

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Libya’s rebels are a front patched together from groups of varying interests and ideologies, they were disorganized, undisciplined, and untrained for battle when they first attacked an army base and a police station. By themselves, they could have perhaps achieved negotiations and reforms, but they could not have overthrown the government….


Libya: Gateway to African Recolonisation, Courtenay Barnett


When the US and NATO “liberate” Libya – who then liberates Libya from the US and NATO? The attacks on Libya are no more or less than criminal – and I do not use the word lightly, but literally mean it for good reason. UN Resolution 1973 does not anywhere in it permit:-

• Support of a faction within Libya to overthrow the government
• Arming of a faction within Libya to overthrow the government
• Bombing in support of a faction within Libya to overthrow the government


Libya: the true costs of war, Charles Abugre

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A wicked blow to Africa, the invasion of Libya has little to do with protecting civilians and all to do with strategic interests. Why are these invaders so heartless, asks Charles Abugre.

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Africa is dying, World African Diaspora Union

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ATLANTA, GA. July 25, 2011 – “Africa is dying” warned the former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark as he condemns the attack on Libya as illegal and racist and called for the intensification of actions to protect Africa. The chilling but pointed messages and reports on Africa from prominent leaders were focused on critical issues such as the ongoing war in Libya, the “new scramble for the re-colonization of Africa” and the dwindling and endangerment of Black freedom and rights across the world…

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Click here for a map of NATO’s air attacks on Libyan cities (Al Jazeera)

Reflections on Norway, Libya and Hatred of ’the Other’, Courtenay Barnett


I wonder whether out of this Norweigian tragedy there cannot be much water found to pour on the war fires around the world…

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