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State of Siege: U.S. Sanctions against Cuba, Salim Lamrani

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Interview with Salim Lamrani on his book titled í‰tat de sií¨ge. : “The Economic Sanctions against Cuba Constitute the Principal Obstacle to the Development of the Country”

The book it covers the unilateral economic sanctions that the United States first imposed upon Cuba at the height of the Cold War with the aim of overthrowing the revolutionary government of Fidel Castro…the Cold War is only a fading memory; still the United States persists in maintaining an economic state of siege that is suffocating for all levels of the Cuban population, although it primarily affects the most vulnerable sectors: women, the elderly and children…


U.S. Cuban Embargo: $1 trillion in losses, Portia Siegelbaum

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Cuba blames the U.S. embargo for nearly a trillion dollars in losses to the island’s economy since it was imposed by President Kennedy in 1962. Vice Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno said that at current prices a conservative estimate of economic damages to the island up until December 2010 would be more than $104 billion. However, he added, if you take into consideration the extreme devaluation of the dollar against the price of gold on the international financial market during 2010, they would add up to nearly a trillion dollars…


The Economic and Social Cost of the U.S. Blockade of Cuba Government of the Republic of Cuba

Cuba is special to us, say CARICOM Foreign Ministers CARICOM News Network

Free Them! The Mighty Gabby sings for the Cuban Five (Video)

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Free Them! Free Them!
The propaganda we will now expose
Free Them! Free Them!
The Cuban Five are National Heroes!

Click here to watch The Mighty Gabby Sing for the Cuban Five

Cuba, Change and Barack Obama, Saul Landau and Nelson Valdes

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There are none so blind as those who will not see

On May 13, Miami newspaper headlines and TV leads should have said: “Obama makes fool of himself.” The “leads” would have referred to his statement: “I would welcome real change from the Cuban government.” Obama’s conditions? “For us to have the kind of normal relations we have with other countries, we’ve got to see significant changes from the Cuban government and we just have not seen that yet.”…

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Posada Carriles, ‘The Bin Laden of the Americas’, Horace Campbell

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Horace Campbell, who is from Jamaica, is Professor of African American Studies and Political Science at Syracuse University

As dreadful as Bin Laden was, modern international terrorism did not begin with him. As quiet as it is kept, international terrorism did not begin on September 11, 2001. Before Osama Bin Laden, there was Luis Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles, also known as Posada Carriles or “Bambi”, according to a de-classified CIA file…

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No More Murder In Our Names! Peoples Empowerment Party, Barbados

The Assassination of Osama Bin Laden, Fidel Castro

Bin Laden is Dead: What Next? IraqVeterans Against War

A Nobel Prizewinner Without Scruples Atilio A. Boron

Targeted killing: the ethics and realpolitic of assassination The Economist

Posada Carriles and the Barbados Cubana Airlines bombing, National Security Archive

Farcical, hypocritical and an outrageous case of double standards are some of the ways of characterising the trial of Luis Posada Carilles in a Texas court on charges of lying to U.S. immigration authorities, which ended last week with his acquittal. Posada was not tried for terrorism, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that connects him to the bombing of a Cubana airlines jet off the coast of Barbados in October 1976 that took the lives of 73,   people; and his later involvement in the bombing of a Havana hotel that killed an Italian tourist. The dossier published by the National Security Archive in Washington, D.C., with declassified FBI documents and afffdavits by officers of the Trinidad and Tobago police force, makes compelling reading.

Read Bombing of Cuban Jetliner National Security Archive

Painful reacall over acquittal of Cuban exile Barbados Nation

Why Posada Carriles Should Still Be Tried For Terrorism Tim Padgett Time

Statement of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Posada Trial

CIA, Spies and Videotapes in Cuba, Helen Yaffe

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‘[W]e see very little evidence that the mainline dissident organizations have much resonance among ordinary Cubans…Despite claims that they represent “thousands of Cubans”, we see little evidence of such support.’ Jonathan Farrar, Head of the US Interest Section in Havana, 15 April 2009…

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Caribbean Citizens Appeal for Release of the Cuban Five, Norman Girvan

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On the 34th Anniversary of the bombing of a Cubana airlines plane off the coast of Barbados by a Miami-based terrorist group, killing 73 innocent people, several Caribbean citizens have joined their voices to the outcry over the unjustified incarceration of the ‘Cuban Five’ by the United States, in a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama. Supporters of this appeal may add their voices by submitting a message in the Comments box below.

Norman Girvan, Professor, University of the West Indies
Joan French, Development Expert and Gender SpecialistSenator David Abdulah, President, Federation of Independent Trade Unions and NGOs (FITUN)
Ancel Roget, President General, Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union
Joseph Remy, President, Communications Workers’ Union
Shridath Ramphal, Chancellor Emeritus, University of the West Indies
Alissa Trotz, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Havelock Brewster, Hon. Professor, University of the West Indies.
Richard Crawford, Jamaicans United for Sustainable Development
Mervyn Claxton, retired international civil servant
Raffique Shah, journalist, Trinidad & Tobago.
Russell Bell, Russell Bell, Kingston, Jamaica, Educator,Editor of YESCuba, Author of the book “The Story of the Five Cuban Heroes”
Camille Chalmers, Haiti, Chairman, Haitian Platform for Development Alternatives
Reginald Dumas, Former Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago to the USA and Former Permanent Representative to the OAS


Amnesty International Seeks Review of Case of the ‘Cuban Five’

New pleas for US to free the ‘Cuban Five‘ Rickey Singh

More Caribbean Citizens Demand Release of Cuban Five

A similar letter to the U.S. President demanding the release of the Cuban Five has been sent over the signature of 25 other Caribbean citizens.

Open Letter from the Cuban-Barbadian Friendship Association to President Barack Obama on the Cuban Five

Information on the case of the Cuban Five

Report of the United Nations Human Rights Commission on the Cuban Five,

Nobel Laureates call for release of Cuban Five

Resolution of the National Lawyers Guild of the United State on the Cuban Five

Members of the European Parliament and several national parliaments call for release of Cuban five

Danny,  Glover, Ed Asner and other prominent American actors and writers appeal to,  President Obama on the case of the Cuban Five

‘ Political Prisoners’? Mainstream Media Distortions on Cuba, Saul Landau and Nelson Valdes

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On July 8, the Washington Post lead story ["Cuba to release 52 political prisoners, Catholic Church says"] reported Cuba had released five political prisoners with assurances of forty-seven more to come in the near future. Cuban President Raul Castro said all political prisoners would soon be released. On July 16, another group was freed. The Post story and its July 9 editorial “Cuba’s marginal gesture” omitted facts readers would need in order to understand the significance of the prisoner release. Both pieces convey the image of a “political prisoner” who is dedicated to expressing unwelcome views — perhaps a poet, or a whistle blower who has uncovered corruption. But these prisoners were in jail for committing crimes that would have placed them behind bars if they were done in the United States including working for a foreign government without registering, and committing violence…

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A Tale of Two Extraditions, Saul Landau

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The U.S. government demanded that Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding extradite a drug dealer. When Venezuela made similar demands on Washington, for arguably the Hemisphere’s most notorious terrorist, the Justice Department brushed off the request…

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Contradictions of Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez, Salim Lamrani

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Salim Lamrani is a professor at Paris Descartes University and Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University and journalist specializing in relations between Cuba and the US.

On November 7, 2009, the Western media devoted ample space to the Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez. The news from Havana about the dispute between the dissident and Cuban authorities circled the world and overshadowed the rest of the news…

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U.S. Cuban Embargo Condemned by the World Community

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General Assembly, for Eighteenth Consecutive Year, Overwhelmingly Calls for End to United States Economic, Trade Embargo against Cuba

Vote on Resolution 187 in Favour to 3 Against, with 2 Abstentions

Even though many delegates expressed a newfound optimism that United States-Cuba relations could improve with the change of Administration in Washington, the United Nations General Assembly today once again adopted a stern resolution calling on the United States to end a trade embargo, which had created human suffering and wrecked havoc with the economy of the island nation…

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Report of the U.N. Secretary General on the necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo by the United States of America against Cuba

Cuban Report to the United Nations General Assembly on the U.S. Blockade

The Embargo–Nothing succeeds like failure Saul Landau

A Blockade Against Humanity Atilio Boron

Fostering U.S. Style Democracy in Cuba, Nelson Valdes

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Nelson Valdes, who holds PhDs in Sociology and History,,  was born in Cuba and currently directs the Cuba-L Project at the University Of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1961, at the age of 15, he was taken to the United States as part of the ” Pedro Pan” (Peter Pan) project to ‘save’ young Cubans of privileged background from the influence of the Revolution. He returned to Cuba in 1977 as a member of the Antonio Maceo Brigade and since then has been a regular visitor. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cuban magazine TEMAS.

A Modest ["Transition"] Proposal.

1. That Newt Gringrich and Sarah Palin be permitted to become Cuban,   citizens so that they may offer Cuba the proper guidance on how to set up,   political parties in the island. They will be put in charge of a two-party system. We realize that we do not need more than two parties, as you have shown the world through your example.

2. That the United States National Security Agency help the Cuban police modernize their surveillance technology so that we can better keep track of the congressmen we elect, as you do so well…

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