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The system of international legal principles is the only mechanism that the smaller and less materially powerful nations of the world possess to protect them against the predatory intentions of large and powerful nations, and from the evil doctrine that “might makes right”. This resolution refers to the words of Article 2 (4) of the United Nations Charter, of UN Security Council,   Resolution 1973 of 17 March 2011 on Libya, and the United Nations General Assembly Declaration On Principles Of International Law – Resolution 2625 of 24th October 1970; and points to the actions of member states of NATO in Libya as constituting egregious breaches of the principles of international law deserving of international condemnation and investigation by the International Criminal Court.

Text of Caribbean People’s Resolution

Editorial: What now after Libya’s new rule? Barbados Nation

Libya’s Liberation Front Organizing in the Sahel Franklin Lamb, CounterPunch

Statement on the death of Gaddafi, David Comissiong

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With every passing day the concepts of international morality and the rule of international law are being murdered in Libya! And so, if it turns out to be true that the British, French and American forces of NATO have finally succeeded in assassinating Libya’s Muammar Gadaffi – just as they have murdered thousands of his fellow citizens – this may well turn out to be the final nail in the coffin of the system of “international law”…


Racist killings in Libya’s ‘regime change’ and Caricom’s mixed signals, Rickey Singh

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WHILE the warplanes of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) continue to facilitate the anti-Moammar Gadhafi rebel forces to take full control of Libya, there are increasing reports of racist killings and torture against black Africans accused of being mercenaries of the deposed Libyan president…



Statement by Cuba on the withdrawal of its diplomatic personnel from Libya

NATO’s Rebel Forces, La Alborada

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Libya’s rebels are a front patched together from groups of varying interests and ideologies, they were disorganized, undisciplined, and untrained for battle when they first attacked an army base and a police station. By themselves, they could have perhaps achieved negotiations and reforms, but they could not have overthrown the government….


Reflections on Norway, Libya and Hatred of ’the Other’, Courtenay Barnett


I wonder whether out of this Norweigian tragedy there cannot be much water found to pour on the war fires around the world…

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End the bombing of Libya, Courtenay Barnett

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An open letter to Professor Juan Cole

As a professor and an influential voice on the internet, I am appealing to you to stop supporting, be it implicitly or explicitly, the criminal bombardment of the Libyan people by the US/NATO attacks…

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The Libyan Conflict – The Moment of Truth for the Caribbean ‘Anti-Imperialist’ Left? Mervyn Claxton


Mervyn Claxton argues that “Uninformed internet readers who closely followed the “debate” on the Libyan conflict, on this website, in the hope of gaining some understanding of the nature of that very complex issue, and what is at stake in the various possible outcomes, would have been completely and utterly misled”.

Read Mervyn’s “The Libyan Conflict”

Response to Claxton’s Critique Emma Lewis

Mounting evidence of CIA ties to Libyan rebels Patrick Martin

Question for Caricom on NATO’s War in Libya, Rickey Singh


LAST WEEK, while the United Nations humanitarian aid chief, Baroness Valerie Amos, was pleading for at least a pause in hostilities in Libya to help “ease the humanitarian crisis”, NATO’s Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, was arrogantly boasting – amid continuing bombing strikes – that President Moammar Gadaffi’s “days are numbered… There is no future for him or his regime…” ..

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The Battle for Libya: Up in Smoke Larbi Sadiki, Al-Jazeera

The Libyan War that should not have been Thomas Walcom,

Understanding the War in Libya, Michel Collon

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From Investig’Action

Many people react to the war in Libya and send us questions. Michel Collon, who has published several books on the U.S. war strategies and the media-lies of the previous conflicts, answers to all these questions and presents a global analysis of this war. Investig’Action draws your attention to the importance of this text.

Part 1 : Questions to be asked in every war
Part 2 : The real goals of the U.S. go well beyond oil
Part 3 : Tracks to act

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If At First You Don’t Succeed – Four Decades Of US-UK Attempts To Topple Gaddafi, Richard Lance Keeble

A Fire That Could Burn Us All Fidel Castro

Why we should be concerened about what is happening in Libya, Courtney Barnett

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I believe that if we are serious about global politics and about the future for Africans inside and outside of Africa, we need to be focused on how the world works and be able to engage on global levels that matter…

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U.S. Military, Africom and Libya: Between the Rocks and the Crusaders, Horace Campbell

The author is Professor of African American Studies and Political Science at Syracuse University.

The Western bombardment of Gaddafi’s forces in Libya has become an opportunistic public relations ploy for the United States Africa Command (Africom) and a new inroad for US military stronghold on the continent. This involvement of Africom in the bombardment is now serving to expose the contradictions and deceit that have surrounded the formation of this combatant command, which is a front for military humanitarian assistance to Africa in coordination with the US Department of State and the US Agency for International Development (USAID)…

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Call for a Special Session of the U.N. General Assembly, Peoples Empowerment Party

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The governments of Britain, France and the United States of America are in the process of committing a terrible crime against the nation and people of Libya, and they are doing it in the names of all of us – the citizens of all the countries that are members of the United Nations (UN)!…

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To Libya with God on our side, Saul Landau and Nelson Valdes

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“The United States …should not try or be widely perceived as trying to manipulate religion in pursuit of narrowly drawn interests.” The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, February 22, 2011 Task Force report [Engaging Religious Communities Abroad: A New Imperative for US Foreign Policy]…

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The Great Libyan Distraction, Immanuel Wallerstein

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The US-led military action against Gathafi is neither about humanitarian intervention nor about oil. It is in fact a deliberate distraction from the principal political struggle in the Arab world, notes Immanuel Wallerstein.

Read The Great Libyan Distraction on,   Middle Esat Online

Scramble for Africa: From Berlin 1884 to London 2011, Brian Becker

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The leaders of 14 capitalist powers in Europe plus the United States met for a conference in Berlin 126 years ago to decide how all of Africa’s land and vast resources would be divided as colonies and zones of control among themselves. No Africans were invited to the conference…One cannot help but think about the Berlin Conference of 1884 when analyzing the London Conference of 2011 that took place on March 29. It was convened by the same imperialist governments that took part in the 1884 meeting. Africans were invited this time, but the African Union refused to attend…

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Obama authorizes secret support for Libyan rebels: Report Xinhua

NATO’s Fascist War, Fidel Castro


You didn’t have to be clairvoyant to foresee what I wrote with great detail in three Reflection Articles I published on the CubaDebate website between February 21 and March 3: “The NATO Plan Is to Occupy Libya,” “The Cynical Danse Macabre,” and “NATO’s Inevitable War”…

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Also read Brazil Stares Down the U.S. on Libya Greg Ramdin (Al Jazeera)

Libya: The Other Side of the Story, Russell Bell

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Not many of us in the Caribbean realize that the West has released a carefully planned series of lies through their media agents to get the people of the world in a state of mind that would make them support the invasion of one of Africa’s success stories – as was done to legitimize the invasion of Iraq. As more information is made available, however, and the real objective of the west becomes clearer, a different picture is emerging. Attached is a very informative article which, I think, explains what is really happening in Libya and which I think you will find very enlightening.

Help in spreading the truth about Gaddafi and Libya.The highlights and pictures were inserted into the original article being distributed by the Pan African Research and Documentation Project.

Russell Bell

Read The Libyan Deception Unveiled Pan African Research and Documentation Project

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