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David and Goliath, Norman Girvan

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Remember that great story you learnt at Sunday School, about the little guy with the slingshot who took down the big bully with a single stone to a part of his anatomy where it really hurts? Well, its happening right here in the Caribbean.

In the 21st century Caribbean version of the timeless Biblical story, the little guy is Antigua and Barbuda; the big bully is the United States; the slingshot is the World Trade Organisation and the stone is international trade law…

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Banana dispute resolved?


Director General Pascal Lamy today applauded the successful efforts of Latin American banana producing nations, the United States and the European Union to end their long running dispute over trade in bananas…

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KINGSTOWN, St Vincent, CMC – A senior banana official has blasted a new tariff agreement between the European Union (EU) and Latin America on the commodity as an ” act of treachery” and warned that it will bring on the demise of the industry in the Windward Islands and the rest of the Caribbean…. Coordinator of the Windward Islands Farmers Association (WINFA), Renwick Rose said the compensation being offered under the deal by the EU to countries of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) grouping was inadequate.

Historic agreement reached Banana Link

“A done deal” Renwick Rose, WINFA

How FTAS/BITS/WTO can hamper recovery from the global financial crisis

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Third World Network submission to the United Nations Commission of Experts on the Global Financial,  Crisis,  

North-South free trade agreements (FTAs), bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments often contain a number of provisions that can increase the likelihood of a financial crisis and make it more difficult to take the necessary measures to deal with one once it occurs.,   This note briefly highlights the main provisions in these agreements that can hamper the effective implementation of recommendations to deal with the current crisis….


Implications of the Cariforum-EC EPA, Norman Girvan

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January 26, 2008

The EPA is more than just a trade agreement: its scope embraces many subjects that have up to now been solely or mainly within national and regional jurisdiction.,   As a legally binding international instrument with elaborate implementation and enforcement provisions, it embodies a higher degree of supranational governance than the corresponding arrangements in the Caribbean Community. It will condition the scope and content of future agreements made between Caricom and other major trading partners and the region’s stance in WTO negotiations. There is a sense in which the EPA sets up a framework for the future evolution of the economic, social and environmental policies of Caricom states, both separately and collectively; and for the terms on which the region engages with the global community…