Why was the CL Financial debacle,  allowed to happen? The answer seems to take us to the heart of governance in small countries, where a single large firm can wield enormous economic and political influence…


New: Afra Raymond’s Blog on the CL Financial/CLICO Debacle

A series of,   twelve excellent articles on the collapse,  of the CL conglomerate, the intervention of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the issues raised.

Postscript Govt left empty-handed in CL Financial bail-out: all of CLICO’s assets committed 7/04/09

$315M Rescue: TT Govt digs deeper to bail out CL companies in the Caribbean 21/04/09

Time to take control of CL Financial William Lucie-Smith 20/05/09

A Call For Order Afra Raymond 15 September 2012