Tip on How to Handle Your Structured Settlement

Tip on How to Handle Your Structured Settlement


Getting compensation ready can cause you a sleepless night and mark you to scratch your head endlessly. Things are not so when you know the right channel that can make you get your money with ease. If you file and win a lawsuit, then you will decide to receive the money in lump sum or structured settlement. The payments may be as a result of a personal injury caused by another person, workers compensation or wrongful death. Minor can also be beneficiaries of the structured settlement, birth injury, personal injury or medical malpractice are some of the reasons that can a child be compensated. Structured settlement will ensure that you get a constant stream of the income for the specified period.

These compensations are very crucial to a plaintiff that has suffered a catastrophic injury. If you are not knowledgeable about the process of payment, then it’s advisable that you talk to personal injury attorney for guidance. This article has lots of information that can help you get your money in a secure and quick way; so stay tuned.

Can I Sell My Structured Settlement?

You may be asking yourself that question after taking a second look at your financial situation. The answer is yes you can sell your structured settlement. The other good news is that you have an option of either selling the whole package or just a portion of it. When you sell the whole package, then you receive a lump sum and call it a day. Selling a portion of your structured settlement will not be the end of the journey as you will still be able to receive the remaining amount periodically.

Placing an advert that you are selling your structured settlement without a proper plan on how to go about it can be very dangerous to you because the chances are that you have never done it. The process is simple; following all the legal steps makes it more secure. Make sure that there are no hidden charges in the amount that you are to receive at the end of the transaction. Some purchasing companies may give you some money to take care of your needs before the judge approves your sale.

Here are Top Structured Settlement Companies

Structured settlement companies are secondary parties who are involved in helping a victim to get their cash quickly. The agreement between a victim who is the seller and the company who is the buyer is signed by a judge before the seller is given the money.

Choosing the right company is a hurdle that you have to skip if you don’t want to lose your money. These are some crucial questions that you need to ask yourself before you decide to work with any company.

How quick can they get their quotes? How long have they been in the business and what are their customers saying? Are they genuinely looking forward to assisting you? You can still get a new company that is genuine, but you may get a challenge in sorting it out. Here are some of the top structured settlement companies that have a good reputation.

The G.J Wentworth

It has been in the business for close to 20 years. The G.J buys structured settlement and pays a lump sum to the seller. The better business bureau rated it A+ because of their awesome customer service. The company also prides in the transactions that are customized to meet client’s needs.

Olive Branch Funding

Olive branch funding has been in business long enough. They give their customers some money upfront to address their needs as they pursue legal channels through the court and having the paperwork done for the payment. They have online quotes, cash advance, quick access to money, and customized purchasing plans.


SenecaOne is a Bethesda, Maryland-based structured settlement company. They offer to meet their customer’s immediate financial needs as they wait for the lump sum. Their clients have a privilege of following up the progress of their application with their account representative. SenecaOne has no obligation, no hidden charges or cost, and no unrealistic waiting time.


A structured settlement is a legal process, and a victim needs to involve an attorney in the course of looking for compensation. A victim can decide to sell his or her structured settlement according to the need at hand. However, they should be careful when choosing a company to sell to. G.J Wentworth, Olive Branch Funding, and SenecaOne are some of the top structured settlement companies in the market. Sellers can work with any company that they are comfortable with.