by Mervyn Claxton

I have read the article,We Are All African Now (Intelligent Life Magazine, Summer 2009) with interest. First of all, I must state that I refuse to knock the Genographic project or, indeed, any genuinely scientific research on Africa, even if such research is carried out by whites. Africans and Blacks everywhere have everything to gain and nothing to lose by such research. I naturally exclude from the category “scientific research” the pseudoscience of 19th-century European racial anthropoloogists and white supremacists, like Paul Topinard, Arthur de Gobineau, and James Anthony Froude, who promoted so-called “scientific racism”, with its sub-categories – anthropometry, craniometry, phrenology – which allegedly “proved” that Blacks were by nature inferior to whites, or worse, that we did not belong to the human race. Like all pseudoscience, “scientific racism” was later discredited by scientific research. Who carried out the research that discredited scientific racism? Whites.

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